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    Kris, BRAG away! A good Brag is sending out good vibrations!


    Lainy –
    Things are going pretty good. I am afraid to brag too much since I am sure that will cause issues. He just finished round 8 with 4 more to go. Numbers are all great. He’s only a tiny bit anemic but not enough to worry about. Platelets good. White count is elevated….he has another sinus infection so started antibiotics last night. We’ve actually both been working.
    Our son is three hours away at college and is doing good too. Started therapy finally for his shoulders.
    Our chiropractor has a massage clinic next door so I get a massage then see him if needed. They know the full story so I get a break on the cost too. Great people. It amazes me how thoughtful and generous people can be.



    Kris, what a great idea! Sometimes people don’t take time (I know I didn’t) because we get so used to the life we are living that we don’t know what to do otherwise. I forgot that one time Teddy’s Grandkids got together and sent me 3 prepaid Massages. Splendid idea! I am also glad to hear things are going OK right now.


    Dorien –
    You are right about not knowing where we will be. This with both husband and son this summer had really moved that to the forefront for me. We try really hard to live each day today and not worry too much about tomorrow (try is the key word, I struggle with that one some days). I am constantly taking pics which sometimes drives my family nuts.
    And being the caregiver is tough….you have to make time for yourself too. I have every other Friday as MY day. It’s between chemo doses and I have the day off anyway so I do what I want…..I usually get a massage and then laze around the house. Everyone knows that is my day and try to leave me alone. The only exception is if someone is sick then of course I lose it. I found that helped quite a bit once I was able to.



    Thank you Mary and Kris,

    yes being a caregiver IS overwhelming.
    and we very much look forward to a break in all of the
    cancer hustle and bustle.

    who knows where we will be next christmas-so we will
    enjoy here and now!

    a good lesson we’ve learned with this disease!

    best wishes to all of you as well!



    Hi Dorien,

    Glad the Y90 went well and Kyle seems to be doing well.

    I wish you great family time during the holiday period. And a nice break from chemo to help you enjoy the time more!!!

    This disease is so overwhelming for everyone involved. My daughter is my caregiver and it just breaks my heart to see what it is doing to her. So I feel for you as the wife/caregiver and also as the mother of your lovely children with Kyle. Not a journey you wanted to take, but was given to you, and you handle it with grace and determination. I wish you peace and lover during this holiday season!

    Take care,


    Dorien –
    Sounds like things went pretty good. I guess if having the Y-90 would have my husband cleaning bathrooms I would be all for it. :) I think having the holidays off for chemo would be great. We luck out and don’t have the chemo the actual week of the holidays except New Year’s so it won’t be too bad. Have some great holidays and enjoy the family.



    Well holly we know that NOTHING for Kyle is curative, sadly he has mets
    in lungs and lymphs, so this is just one more stab at his liver tumor
    to “buy us more time” in the words of all the drs.

    they all said this is a band aid and to expect the cancer to come back.

    (even when/if it kills some of it off for now)

    But we will be happy to take a chemo break over the holidays and enjoy
    some “no visits to chemo” for a month!

    I am off to read your posts and see your experience! :)


    Bomp, Da, Bomp, Bomp so glad to hear this report and that all went well. Now the waiting again. Say, if anyone wants a job as a waiter sign up here we have lots of waiters! I hope all sails smooth now and you can enjoy the upcoming Holidays. Kyle cleaned bathrooms? What a gem you have there.


    I had y-90 last februrary and there’s a long post about it on here if you follow my posts. I love the stuff. It gave me 6 months of low markers and for the most part feeling well. The only thing is I had fevers two months later — most likely brought on by tumor necrosis factors. Also beware, it’s a little like Cinderella…. at six months your time is up. My cancer came roaring back with a vengeance. You can do y-90 twice, they say. I would not hesitate to have another go when the time is right. Also, it is powerful. You don’t need chemo when you’re on it unless you want the systemic treatment because the radiation is killing off lots of the liver cancer.bSadly, once you have mets to the liver, they will always come back. Not chemo, not radiation, not nothing yet can kill the seeded cells off for good. Still, the good times this past summer were a goodsend to me. Hope everything is going well for you guys. Keep us posted! – Holly


    Just a quick update…

    Kyle had Y 90 on Tuesday morning. Drs said it all went well.

    We are now 4 days out and Kyle has felt
    really really good. A little tired, a little pain that comes and goes
    in his liver (he says he can feel right where they targeted the Y90)

    So far (knock on wood) no bad side effects. He has been
    resting and taking it pretty easy, but also cleaned bathrooms
    today and ran Saturday errands with me.

    Obviously no results will be known for weeks/months to come.

    We meet with Drs on Weds to discuss how long he stays
    off chemo. We have had 4 drs give us a split opinion on this.

    2 say stay off a few months and take a rest.
    2 say continue right back on to chemo.

    We will most likely take a break through the new year
    regardless unless they “force” him back on (although I am
    pretty sure they ball is in our court!)

    Anyway, thought I would share that (thus far) his side
    effects from Y90 have been minimal.


    Thanks Jason…

    and everyone!

    We will (well I will) keep you posted!

    Kyle reads, I type! :)

    Thank you all!


    Hi Dorien,

    Best of luck to Kyle on his procedure next Tuesday. I know you have done your homework on this one, and it does seem like such a good option for liver cancer. It is not the right time to do this for Andrea, but I would not be surprised if she needs it later. My bet is many more patients will have this done in the future.

    Please keep us updated on how it goes.



    Hi Dorien,

    My dad never had Y-90 either so no personal experiences to share with you but I hope that it goes well for Kyle and I wish you both every success with it. My fingers are crossed for Kyle.

    Best wishes,



    Thanks Kris :)

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