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    Dorien –
    Good luck to both you and Kyle. Here’s to hoping that all goes well and as expected. Wishing you both well.



    Thank you Pam and Patti for chiming in!

    It’s great to hear “real life” stories about this!

    We appreciate it a lot.

    He had his “mapping” done two weeks ago–
    where they go in first to check everything out–

    (same groin spot that they will enter again on Tuesday)

    It was a little sore and pretty bruised–so we will see how
    the repeat entry effects it this time.

    We are hoping he falls within the “norm” of reactions–

    pressing onward! :)



    I also had the y 90. Same as Lauren with the pressure on the groin where they insert the instrument for the spheres. Other than that I only had some fatigue & a little nausea. Nothing serious.


    Hi Dorien,

    My Lauren had Y-90. She did well with it. She had pain in the groin area afterwards because they have to apply pressure for a long time. She also developed a pain in her chest whenever she hiccuped or burped. it lasted for quite some time and I even called her doctor at home to make sure she wasn’t having a heart attack or something. They think some of the beads might have gotten in her chest or a nerve was involved. But it did go away and they really didn’t know what happened, so I am assuming it was a rare side effect. She was tired afterwards for a few days. She had the side done that had multiple smaller tumors. Her scans came back that they were still there, but they looked kind of weird. When Lauren had her surgery, the surgeon found out that all of these tumors were dead, so it did work on them. I am wishing you and Kyle all the best. I am very hopeful that it will help Kyle. I check your blog every day and really enjoy reading it. Your writing style is quite unique. I have sat sobbing quite frequently after reading your posts. Keep up the great work and God bless you and your dear family.



    Dorien…..thought to pull up a few threads re: Y-90. Hoping for the posters to chine in also. Good luck.



    Thanks Lainy! Sadly, or gladly, I have learned way more
    about cancer than I ever wanted to in my life! :)

    But we will keep on keeping on! That’s all we can do. :)


    Dorien, I am sorry can’t help you except to wish Kyle the very best on Tuesday. Wow, I remember when you first came on and you felt so lost, and rightly so but look at you now. You have done and are doing remarkably great as Kyle’s advocate and Care giver! Keep up the good work, we are so much stronger than we ever knew we could be. Best wishes headed your way!


    Kyle was diagnosed in March of this year.

    He has Stage 4 CC, one main liver tumor…mets to 2 regional lymph
    nodes and tiny ones in right lobe of liver.

    After 8 months of Gem/Cis (to which he has responded very well, overall
    about 66% shrinkage to liver tumor, lymph nodes don’t show any uptake
    in PET scan and lungs have remained basically the same) and
    after mtg with 3 diff Drs here, they/we all decided this was the next
    best step to take.

    As a plan of attack on his main liver tumor. He will receive
    one dose of Y 90 on his tumor (since he doesn’t have any other
    tumors–often this is a 2 step procedure)

    I emailed Willow about her sister and Y 90, but am curious to hear
    any other personal experiences with it. (I am NOT looking for
    medical stats/jargon/or medical journal articles–we have read
    all of that)— we are mostly just curious if anyone here (or a loved
    one) has had it and how they felt afterwards as far as symptoms,
    sick, tired, etc.

    If anyone has any experience, we would love to hear it from
    a first (or second hand) account!

    Kyle looks well and feels well and we feel super lucky that
    he has had a great response with chemo as we know this
    isn’t always the case.

    Hoping for good results with Y 90 as well.

    I said it feels like we’re “rolling the dice” again and we will
    see what happens.

    Thanks to anyone who has anything to share with Y 90
    that has been through it!

    Dorien :)

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