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    Joyce – As I read of your husband’s passing, I am again reminded of all those we have lost to this horrible, relentless, ugly disease. I am so very sorry for your loss. My husband, Dan, died on March 5, 2007, at age 58, just a couple of months before Mike’s death. He was diagnosed in August, 2005, again just two months before your husband. I’m so glad that Mike was able to continue life as normal as is possible while fighting this cancer. Like Dan, he was blessed to be able to enjoy life until almost the very end. While I miss Dan so terribly (our 40th wedding anniversary was yesterday, August 19) I feel blessed that he was relatively pain free throughout his ordeal. Like so many others have expressed, I live on with the certainty that Dan is healthy and happy again and that we will one day be together again. That is God’s promise and what Dan and I found peace in knowing. I wish for you the same peace–and all the strength you need to get through this sad time.

    Juanita Uster


    joyce- so sorry to hear of your husband and father mike, my thoughts are very much with you as u deal with the pain and heartache ur left behind with. this disease is just so evil. take care time will heal. xx


    Joyce –
    So very saddened to hear of your loss. I wish I could offer some words that would give you comfort but I don’t know what they are. I remember Richard Sloan saying after losing his daugher to this awful disease that Heaven had taken on a new dimension since Val was now there and seaparated from her family. I feel exactly the same way after losing Sam. I am trying so hard to focus on eternity and the big picture and not on our limited life on earth. I know that the ones that have lost their battle with this disease are in such a euphoric place that is so beautiful that it is absolutely beyond our wildest imagination. And the most important thing of all, we will see them again. I’m certain of that. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
    Betty Johnson


    Dear Joyce,
    I am so so sorry for your loss. How bravely your husband fought! He and the others on this site (like Jeff) who have kept this cancer at bay for longer than would ever be expected are an inspiration to all of us. He will not have died in vain as he is a sign that more and more people can hold off the cancer for longer times until there is finally a cure. I know nothing can comfort you right now, but you and your family are in our hearts and we grieve with you.
    – Joyce M


    Hya Joyce I feel so sorry for you all.

    It is so hard for everyone involved when our loved ones succomb to cc.
    As Jeff has said we all take our hat of to Mike for the battle he fought.
    It is only through people like Mike, Jeff and others that we will continue to gain from their contributions and sacrifices in learning how to conquer this awful disease.
    We really are living through an enormous historical time during these battles.
    The legacies we hold personally are forever in our hearts and our memories.
    Love to you all teresa xxxxxxxx


    Dear Joyce, I’m so sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. At age 51 it hits home for me. A few prayers coming your way for you and the children. He’ll be in your heart and memories forever. When ever I come on site and start to scroll down I pray to see no post in the Rememberance section. My hat off to Mike for the battle he fought. As will many others, I will continue to fight the battle hoping that the contributions and sacrifices of those past and present will get us closer to taming this relentless disease. God’s love to you and your family! I pray a bundle of miracles come your way to help ease the pain of your loss.
    Jeff G.


    Dear Joyce,
    I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s just so hard to comprehend how aggressive this cancer is. I wish there was more that could have been done for your husband. I pray for your peace and comfort along with your family. I really can’t imagine what so many of you have been going through and pray that I won’t know for years to come. Take care and God bless. Mary


    It is with great sadness that I post the loss of my husband and best friend, Mike, at the age of 51. He left us on my daughter’s birthday, May 15th. Mike fought a tough battle and never gave up hope that he could beat this disease. He was diagnosed in October 2005. Treatment involved a liver resection, radiation (2 different times), and numerous chemo combinations. He was in remission for several months. It was just not meant to be. Although the last couple weeks of his life were extremely difficult, the majority of the time during treatment he was able to continue to work and enjoy the company of his family and friends. He spent his last weeks at home surrounded by his family. Mike also leaves behind three children ages 25, 22, 15 who miss him dearly. Unfortunately, I join the others in this Remembrance section who are heartbroken to lose someone they love.

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