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    Lisa, I did not have such an extended surgery as your husband and can not add anything regarding digestive issues, other than I found it difficult to eat any significant amount at a time. People kept pushing food at me and I gained instead of lost weight, which was not good in my case. As to the tears and sobbing, I can attest to the fact that it just goes along with the diagnosis, surgery, and healing process as well as long term living with this over our heads. That said, I can also tell you that it does get some better. After having a resection in Feb of 2014, I had a recurrence found in NOv of 2015, almost 20 months later. Every scan brings up the fears again and the tears eventually flow. However, I was surprised that with this recurrence, I shed tears for the first several hours after hearing the news and then after that, I seemed to do pretty well. I think my oncologist having already contacted a surgeon for a consult the same day before I even saw the oncologist and heard the news of the recurrence had a lot to do with me handling it so much better this time around. I didn’t have the time to wait out a lot of testing….just got the news, talked to the surgeon and set up the surgery date. It was before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the time really did go so fast with all the shopping and cooking to be done before the surgery. Keeping busy may be another good way to get through this better…..something to keep your mind off of the CC and the “what ifs”.

    Julie T.


    Hi. My situation was similar. Started off with a 18cm tumor in liver and had the same surgery in 2014 and the tumor was about 13cm upon removal. Path report was great and had clean margins. i was a little bit younger at the time, about 35 so I had age on my side, but man, recovery was tough. I felt sick, I hurt, I wanted to eat but felt like I couldn’t and had to really just graze minimally throughout the day. It takes time and it’s a major major surgery. I would imagine he would be on a pain medication regimen and I am curious if that could also be playing a role with some of the GI discomfort as they themselves can be harsh on the body. I hope and pray he starts to get to feeling better soon. Hugs and prayers.


    Hi Lisa . . . . I can relate somewhat. My husband was diagnosed in September – resection of 50% of his liver. He is currently undergoing chemo . . . . he is 1/2 done. We are devestated. There is no guarantee of anything. He tries to be more upbeat for me, but I know how he is feeling. We have a 14 year old and 5 year old . . . . I’m sure he pushes more for them. This site has at least showed me that we are not alone. Right now my biggest concern his my husband’s weight loss and lack of eating while going through chemo. He’s currently down 40 lbs. I pray a LOT. I think the time of the year really doesn’t help with all the emotions we are going through either. I’ll be praying for you.

    Sherry – Wisconsin


    (Sorry, my reply got cut off)

    Of course every patient responds differently, but my husband started feeling a lot better at around the six week mark.

    The pain meds can cause constipation as well as nausea and vomiting. Finding a good balance of pai management and calm stomach can take some trial and error. Water helps with the constipation, as does walking. Actually, short frequent walks is good in so many ways, including lifting spirits. My husband always felt better if he got three walks in per day in the beginning.

    Staying busy, like reading short news articles, answering email messages, watching tv sitcoms, and staying positive, can help the patient deal with the difficult emotions that come with all of this. Hang in there. Each day should be a little better than the last.



    Lisa, I feel for your husband as mine was in a similar situation a year ago. He had an extended resection with multiple reconstructions also. It really does get better, a bit at a time but it comes more slowly than we would like


    Please send your husband my best, and tell him to hang in there. Each day should get better, and I understand how emotional it can be sometimes,we all do. We are here for your support as well! Please keep us posted. Hugs and prayers.


    Lisa, I am sorry your husband is so uncomfortable. The emotions and crying happen, I don’t know if it is the pain medication or what but I was teary and cried while in the hospital and thereafter, perhaps it is the thoughts of our mortality that touch such a deep feelings, I never cried for anything before that…Maybe I had never had anything to cry about before that. Focus on healing and eating if he can, It sounds like the surgery was a bit more aggressive than mine was, try to make him smile when you can, remain positive and I am thinking of and praying for you both, God bless, Pat


    Lisa…..welcome. Your husband underwent a major resection with only a 20% remaining liver volume. He is bound to miserable and psychologically affected as well. So sorry to hear this.

    I would stay in close touch with the physician especially in regards to the vomiting.
    What is the vomiting related to? Lack of indigestion due to a blockage, intestinal paralyzes or slow digestive process, type of food consumed?
    Pain: is it related to the above mentioned or part of the healing process or constipation caused by either the above mentioned or the pain pills?
    Constipation: inactivity, pain pills, hampered digestion?

    Don’t let up, Lisa. You need answers to your questions.

    Perhaps others will share their thoughts.



    Dear Lisa, Welcome to our remarkable family where you will find the best in CC support. I know it is so tough after Surgery but I have to say CONGRATULATIONS that Pat was able to have it. I sincerely hope his ONC is aware of the issues Pat is having as there are Meds for everything. I am wondering if he might give Pat a RX just to take the edge off of what he is going through. I feel so bad for him as it is as if they turned him inside out! The vomiting, pain and constipation should be able to be controlled as well. I am glad you are holding it together but remember to be kind to yourself as well, it is a long haul for recovery. Sending you the very best including some huge cyber hugs! { } { } { } Please keep us updated on Pat’s progress!


    Hi, my name is Lisa. My husband Pat, 48 years old was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in July 2015. Had chemo and radiation to try and shrink 15 cm tumor inside liver. December 3rd underwent resection of 80% of his liver, gallbladder, reseconstruction of portal vein and rerouting of bowel. It has been a 6 weeks and he still is having a significant amount of GI issues including a lot of pain, constipation, nausea and vomiting. From what I am reading the recovery will take some time and the issues he is going through are normal. Emotionally he is not doing well. Breaks down and sobs a lot. It is Winter here in Michigan and between the diagnosis, slow recovery, pain and weather this is probably normal, but it is very heartbreaking to watch. I try my best to stay positive for him though. Would love to hear other stories of similar experiences.

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