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    Oh Figen. I only just checked this forum. So sorry to hear your Mum died.I am glad she did not suffer pain, and passed on peacefully.
    Take care, all the best to you and your family. xx


    Dear Figen,
    you and your mom have touched our lives in an extraordinary way. You are in our thoughts while sharing with you the pain of her loss. The memories of our loved ones will always be part of the present and future, and that is what will sustain us.
    Love from us to you


    Dear figen So sorry xxxxxxx

    I feel for you and yours; It was good in the end that your mom had her dignity, peace and no pain. I believe we all hope for these things at the end of our life on earth. Your mom will sleep peacefully as she was so obviously loved dearly and will be missed so much.
    love and light alan’s mom


    My dear mum (71 years old ) passed away on 20 th of October .She was first diagnosed by CC by May-2006 , she fighted for 6 months but this horrible disease beaten her at last .
    By the beginning of September ,she had his ascites drained and never really got over it. She grew weaker and weaker as the days passed and was eating and drinking nothing.
    She passed away in peace and dignity and had no pain at all.
    I miss her unbelievably.

    Sleep well my dear mum ..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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