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    Hi Jeff, great to still see that fighting spirit. You are a star and have lifted Peter and my hope about fighting this cancer as long as we can. I would like to admit that the diet, mentioned in the book Anticancer from Dr. David Servan-Schreiber does Peter good. It is just a different way of eating and he likes it very much and eats more. (Though he also lost 1,5 kilo’s because we completely stopped with sugar, honey and syrups.) But his energy is still good and his coughing less. Maybe an idea for you? Anyway, Peter and I are thinking of you and whish you the best.


    …With all the sincere heart felt prayers and words of support from you all; How can a guy give in to this mean disease? Although I have felt like one of those blow up punching toys, I’m going to keep bouncing right back up as long as the seams don’t pop! We might just nip this disease in the butt yet,
    Ya Never Know? oops! popcorn is ready, love the smell of popcorn.
    God Bless You All,
    Jeff G.
    P.S. Rank… glad to hear the positive response of your Dad. I think maybe the end of October, I will try Tarceva, if all of the unknown or should I say unseen proves okay.


    Jeff, After getting a diagnosis 4 weeks ago that dad had only 4 or so weeks left dad started his treatment of tarceva and oxyplatin. He’s on his third week of tarceva and his second treatment of oxyplatin. He looks better than he has since his diagnosis. He has stage IV cc and this new doctor told him that the odds were against him but that things couldn’t get any worse. He’s finally stable when he walks, he’s no longer confused and his color looks better. We’ll know in a couple of weeks if this treatment is helping when he goes in for his “report card”. He never liked school as a little boy but I’ve told him that this was one test he needed to pass :-)


    Dear Jeff — in the world of cholangiocarcinoma, you are the hope, the light, the optimism that we all need.

    I want you to know that I pray for you, your family, your health.

    During the darkest days, reading your posts is a constant inspiration.


    As everyone else has said before, and I will say it again…you are an inspiration to us all! I apologize for not having applauded you sooner. I truly believe that you are a gift from God to all of us who have traveled this CC road without a map. It has been your guidance and encouragement that has helped us to ‘forage on’. Your family and you are always in my prayers.


    Hi Jeff,

    I am just getting back to the cc board. I haven’t been here in awhile, now trying to catch up..
    I was sorry to read of your ct scan results, but I know you will continue to fight and do well. Keep us posted and “laughing”.

    We too are here for you!!!!

    Charlene Eloi
    Daughter of David Cook


    Hi Betty, I almost missed your post! Really great to hear from you. Your message really made me feel good. Thank You. You know It’s so strange; I was thinking about You and Sam today. I even bounced back and forth lookng at your pictures. All I could think of, is if you have added your art room yet? My Mom used to do paintings until her parkison’s took over. In fact, her last painting we did together. It was a big one. We did it on the wall in her sunroom about 6×8 feet; a scene of sailboats on the lake with evergreen trees and mountains in the background and a beautiful sunny day. we did it in one weekend using arcrylic tubes of paint. She did all the mixing though,as I didn’t have a clue what colors made other colors. Ha! It was a fun weekend for us both. We laughed so much ,because we added a speed boat to the picture and a guy on the sailboat waving his hands and a think note above saying “are you crazy?” Last month when I went to Maine to visit her in the Nursing home, the painting is still there! I got my younger brother to live there and keep the place in good repair. I thought it would get painted over by now. Gosh , I’ve gone off rambling again. I hope you have been keeping well? So, What kind of art work do you do? I met a guy camping years ago, who carved birds out of chunks of wood. He was good at it too. As far as meeting, Like I tell my Mother-in-law who lives in England, “You Never Know?” If your ever driving through Wichita, give me a ring and we’ll have lunch. There is a few Mcdonalds here. Ha! just kidding.
    I better sign of now, I just get carried away some times; ok a lot of times.

    God Bless Ya!


    Jeff – when Sam was going through all of this, Mark Clements, Valerie McCrea, and Kelly Lester’s blog were so meaningful to me. I have to admit that since Sam is gone and so is Mark, Valerie and Kelly, it is difficult to stay so involved but Jeff, you keep that going for everyone else that is going through this difficult time. You have been and will continue to be such an inspiration to me and everyone on this site that is facing this unbelievable time in their lives. You do this with such grace, humor, love, caring, unselfishness, dignity, humbleness, and I could go on and on – – – you are incredible. I so wish I could meet you and I am sure one day I will . . . as Sam said – “see you on the other side”. You are an inspiration to me and to everyone on this site and we intend to keep reading your postings for many, many years . . . hang in there and know that you are loved by so many. As Sam would say – this is just a little bump in the road. Love you.
    Love Betty


    This is really weird. I posted up a topic “good or bad” basically saying how it is so strange that after 4 weeks of chemo (gemzar/tarceva) chucks is feeling better than ever. He is active, eating, walking, feeling pretty good other than tuesdays when he gets the chemo. I was worrying that it meant his body was not reacting to chemo but hearing all this good stuff about everyone else. I feel some relieve. Keep up the good work guys. I think we are making some progress on this sucker!




    I just want to echo what Christina has said on Gemzar and Tarceva. My mom who was diagnosed last month has been on this for three weeks and feels the best she has since a month before she even knew what was wrong. Her only real side effect is the acne/rash. Don’t want to push any drugs but just wanted to share her experience too. Best of luck with whatever you choose. I always enjoy reading you posts.



    I can see why the members here want their own personal Jeff! Thank you for your positive vibes!


    Jeff, it has been a rough road, but we won’t give up! God Bless You Jeff!!




    I hope you know that you are an inspiration to me (well, I think to us all) Keep up the great attitude! I love it. Jeff also, I have to agree with Violarob about Tarceva. Our oncologist said that he has been having great results from the combination of gemzar and tarceva. He said he had a patient that he put on these two drugs and her tumors shrunk so fast he couldn’t believe it. Also with very little side effects. Gemzar and Xeloda are first protocal but he only left chucks on Xeloda for a week and a half and then switched him to Tarceva just to show he tried first protocal and say it didn’t work. He said that he really believe in the gemzar+Tarceva. Best of luck Jeff.



    Thanks again Guys! I took note Violarob about your Tarceva experience. Sophie , That’s what I’m doing is making up all those incomplete assignments to get a better grade Ha! I always played hooky to much, but I had fun doing it. I watch are you smarter than a Fifth Grader every week and if I was on the show, I would have won the Million twice now. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice. Salsarcat, You are 100% correct liver remaining stable and all other organs clear is a big plus! Actually, I’ve requested the doc to order me some zometa treatments, to add a little strength to my bones during this time. It’s not a chemo drug but some studies have shown it helps starve off cancer. Thanks Mary , I love positive flowing thoughts flowing my way. Carol it’s been a rough road but, I will always be listening for the whisper. Rank I hope your Dad has a positive experience with Tarceva. Patty, I have explored that possibility but never followed through. I still have a plan of maybe trying Baby’s formula mixed with natural grape juice. The only problem, is who would burp me? Ha! Sorry I couldn’t resist.
    Good Night and God Bless to All, P.S. Belle , a prayer for your Sis.
    Jeff G.


    Hello Jeff, I read your posts with much interest and appreciation. That is not the best news but there is some good stuff there, that your liver is OK and other organs are stable. Sounds to me like a wise decision to take the break and then try the other treatment (EFT) that interests you. I will read up on that, hadn’t heard of it before. Sounds like your physician is perceptive and supportive, as you are too.

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