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My sister starting PDL1 immunotherapy trial at UCSF this week!

Discussion Board Forums Clinical Trials My sister starting PDL1 immunotherapy trial at UCSF this week!

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    I know that I have heard the docs at NIH talk about this treatment and the excitement of the prospects…..I also know that it is considered as one of my backup plans. I am hoping not to have to have a back up plan but boy oh boy it is comforting to know there will be another option!!


    Thanks for these Jason, very useful. Here’s another few –


    The whole pd-1/pd-l1 was very confusing to me, but I found this article helpful in understanding the pd1 / pd-L1 interaction:

    If I read this right, MK-3475 is a pd-1 inhibitor. There are also trials looking at pd-L1 inhibitors. The Merck drug for anti pd-L1 is MSB0010718C. A trial with this drug is described here:

    Both approaches are trying to stop the pd-1/pd-L1 interaction (which turns off the immune response). All very very exciting.

    I hope your sister has a fantastic response.




    My fingers are crossed for your sister Willow, I so hope that the trial goes well.




    Julie…this is the trial:
    it is opened in select US centers as well as Europe and South Korea.
    Scroll to bottom of page for direct location information.


    Willow, you are an amazing sister, your sister is so blessed to have you as one of her caregivers!!
    Lots of prayers for HOPE and miracles-Cathy


    Thanks everyone for your support. We really need it now! Friday was her first infusion. My sister is so ill and has new signs and symptoms of advanced cancer almost daily, so I am a nervous wreck more and more.
    Judy, the trial is the MK/3745 anti PDL/PDL1 trial at UCSF for solid tumors. Yes, tissue must be tested to see if tumor has the PDL mutation. About half if CC cancers carry that mutation.
    Nicole’s first infusion went well though she had nausea oping this drug slows the cancer and brings relief. on ride home and diarrhea soon after. Fatigue too, though it’s hard to tell what is causing that as so many things do at this point. By yesterday (2 days after infusion), she had de van itchy rash all over her belly. Hoping this is not an allergic reaction but more of a sign her immune system is waking up to fight the CC. Will talk to the dr today.
    She will be able to have labs and scans at Stanford and the trial mandated dr visits /infusions at UCSF. Infusions every other week. Scans every 8 weeks.
    Her 10 year old son spent the weekend with us (2 hours away) and it was a precious time for me. Gave my sister and brother in law time to rest and catch their breath.


    Willow, that is such awesome news! Praying for great results! Melinda


    Very interesting. Is genetic testing required to determine eligibility and if so, what specific genes are being looked for? Do you know what the trial # is?


    Hi Willow,

    This is excellent news indeed! Thanks for that. I so hope that thelabs come back good and that it is all things go for your sister with this trial! The results from trial for MK-3475 for metastastic melanoma seem to be very good so let’s hope that this can be applied for CC as well. Got everything crossed for your sister and please let us know how she gets on with this. Good luck to her!




    Willow….will be praying for good labs.


    Wow, WIllow this sound extremely interesting and I will be crossing everything I own for the best news!


    Officially, this immunotherapy trial is MK-3475
    It is also known as PDL1 monoclonal antibody therapy. Programed Death Ligand (PDL)
    takes cancer’s “cloaking” mechanism away so your own immune system will recognize cancer as foreign and attack it.
    Phase 1 Trial at UC San Francisco
    Been tested at other sites and shown promise/effectiveness in other cancers with the same mutation, in particular in melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer. Drug companies scrambling to be first to develop this drug and they want to see if it’s effective in other cancers (with same PDL1 mutation).

    It took over a month to get results from genetic mutation testing so better to be proactive if you’re thinking of trying any of these targeted therapies in the future. This delay could mean that she no longer qualifies based on the stability of her health/liver enzymes/platelets etc.
    My sister had her labs today, will have her screening physical tomorrow and first infusion Friday, if she “passes” the screening labs/physical.

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