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    My dear husband Tom passed away Fri. November 19th. Our hearts are broken. Luckily he went quickly and he never had any pain. He was up and about and eating a little the day before he died. I feel like I’ve been fired from a very emotionally intense job. I’m no longer a wife or a nurse. I know he is fine. He always said he was. Two days before he died he told my daughter when she called that he was wonderful. We’re the ones that aren’t fine but hopefully someday we will be. He was such an inspiration to so many. He was told 6-12 months and made it 5 1/2 years. People like to give me credit and I know I helped him along the way but it was mainly him. He was just a physically tough guy! He would never quit. Even Friday when we thought he was gone, he started breathing again for another 45 minutes. We just told him to relax and go. He’d fought hard enough for a long enough time. I want to thank everyone through all of these years for their love and support. Unfortunately Tom was the last person left from all of our friends that were here when I started on this blog. He was obviously one of the lucky ones.
    Lainey, I hope he is in heaven enjoying a great italian dinner with Teddy!! He loved lasagna and spaghetti. He kept reaching up and talking to his Dad and Mom when he seemed confused. I hope he’s having a great big reunion with all of his friends and family.
    Marion, thank-you so much for calling Sunday night. I really needed to talk to someone about what we went through and your timing was perfect.
    I love all of you and through all of this grief we have had a ton of blessings too. Good things do come from bad.
    Best wishes to all of you and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mary

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