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    Carol….welcome to our site. Sorry for your joining us, but glad you are here. We call this cancer a “silent” disease for the reasons mentioned by you; no warning signs of any sort and then it hits you with vengeance. Stay strong, dear Carol and know that you will be able to handle this. The carers will help you guide through the rough and demanding spots and allow for quality time with your Dad. I am sure that others will chime in real soon and wish you a warm welcome including those residing in your country.


    My dad went into hospital 7 weeks ago with gallstones.After getting an MRI scan they discovered he had tumours on his spine and other cancer spots elsewhere. They took him immediately to The Beatson Hospital in Glasgow Scotland which is our nearest cancer hospital for radiotherapy as they were worried dad would become paralysed if they didn’t work quickly. The tumours were shrunk down enough to allow dad to sit up and eventually walk about again. We had to wait 2 weeks for other biopsy results and he was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with bile duct cancer which has spread to liver and bones. He’s not fit enough for chemo as his mobility has deteriorated quite quickly and he doesn’t have much appetite. They’ve put him on a low dose steroid to try and improve appetite and mobility. He was discharged from hospital on Tuesday with carers coming into the house 4 times a day to help give my mum the support to tend to his needs at home.
    This has all happened so quickly as 7 weeks ago he was driving about in his car and feeling quite well. I am finding it difficult to get my head round this and as an only child don’t have anyone to share my fears/feelings with … Can any of you kind people advise me as to what to expect in the coming weeks/months please. Thanks in advance .Carol xxx

Viewing 2 posts - 136 through 137 (of 137 total)
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