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Need help! Any info please!!

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    Nicely done, CM. The only thing I can add is that I would not worry about her nutrition, she is eating as much as she can and it only stresses you both out.
    When Teddy didn’t feel like eating I made him Carnation Breakfast drink, recommended by Hospice. It takes the place of any meal and can be had 3 times a day. Also ocontains all the nutrients one needs. I used to blend the vanilla with a banana. Sometimes he would be in the mood for a softly scrambled egg or soup and that was about it. I tried so many comfort foods andnothing worked. Then he flet so bad as I would cook and he wouldn’t eat. I would just say it’s OK Honey do what you can.

    “The extreme fatigue, weightloss and loss of appetitite are her only symptoms. ” PGASKA, these are the things you see! You don’t see what is going on in her body. I would have the ONC call Hospice and if you don’t want them you can always let them go. But they will make your Mom feel very comfortable and secure. By the way, American Cancer Centers do not have the experience in treating CC that the major Hospitals have. I feel so bad for you but like CM to not be truthful would be less kind.


    This may not be what you want to hear- this is only my experience please remember that.
    My husband wanted to live maore than I could possibly express, our daughter wasn’t 2years old-
    These words ring strong in those final days-
    Because they can give chemo doesn’t mean it is the right decision.
    Never think you are giving up on your loved one- I still haven’t given up on my late husband, I feel him close to me tonight- as a carer- spouce, child, parent, friend- sometines we need to let go and that is our hardest part.
    I hope these words read as gentle as they are intended.
    All my best to you.


    Hi. I am writing about my dear Mom. She has stage iv inoperable cc that’s matasticized to her liver. Her labs have always been very good. The only thing that bothers her is the ascites in her abdomen. She would get it drained evey 2 weeks, then 1 week, then now almost 2x a week. She is now at the hospital after they put a drainage tube in her for that. She has gotten very fatigued the last week. It has been hard to take care of her. Glad she’s in the hospital getting the care she needs. We have been directed to hospice & palliative care when she gets back home. We have done some rounds of chemo, gemzar. I am so fustrated. The extreme fatigue, weightloss and loss of appetitie are her only symptoms. I know this is from chemo and the cancer itself. Tried to get her on a “cancer diet”, but hard since she can’t get a lot of it down for energy. She can’t have chemo, cause she is so week. Anyone had any success with alternative treatments that are easy on the body? The OC doc told us she could go any day. I don’t believe that. He has ALWAYS been not very optimistic. She is not jaundice, she’s eating (little, but still is) and drinking and the cancer is only gone to her liver. The OC said her tumor level is going up was 500, now 750 and I guess up again from there. Since we can’t treat w/chemo and he sees her tumor count rising, he has given up. I know from reading here & other sources,–not to. That’s ALL he can do. Thinking of going to American Cancer Center of America or something like that. Went to the Block Center, but they are not a hospital for treatments, just a clinic. Any help pleaae. Not giving up here in KY!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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