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    Be sure to keep us updated. It would also be helpful to know exactly what if any side effects there are. See if you can keep a journal of when they are taken and the results.



    Hi Serena,

    I found your entry quite interesting as my Dad is in the same position as your grandmother.
    He also has bile duct cancer, which has spread more recently to his abdomen and possibly lymph nodes as well. The doctor also told him that his only option is pallative care. So I am looking for alternative methods of treatment as well.
    I have been reading about Neem leaves since I read your entry. There seems to be quite a massive amount of information regarding this treatment on the internet. I came across this site:

    The lady there is quite forthcoming with answers to any questions I had. She indicated that her father had gallbladder cancer and that taking these neem leaves in combination with chemo totally erradicated his tumours. So that is quite impressive. I told her about my Dad’s situation and she indicated I should purchase the Supercritical neem capsules for my Dad. It may not erradicate his cancer but it may slow it down so that he gets more time with us. I think I am going to purchase the capsules and see how it goes. I will let you know how he does with it.



    Hi Serena, This is the first I have heard about Neem. I Have been doing a lot of searching and reading the last couple of days and it has got my attention. I will keep researching this apparently potent product. Don’t ever think your pulling at straws but think of it as as added knowledge for us all to evaluate. Thanks a bunch. If you hit on some ineresting sites I would love to read more about neem leaves and powders / oils.
    Bless Ya !
    Jeff G.
    P.S. We must all remember 100% verification is needed as unfortunately some web sites are 100% product pushers with alot of untrue information and testimonials and false products. Must be careful. Internet scammers are world wide and they love the U.S. dollar. Just my safety tip for the day.


    Hi all –

    Has anyone out there heard of or had any experience with using neem leaves as an ayurvedic treatment option?

    I may be pulling at straws now but thought maybe I should explore the idea further?

    As I’ve posted in the Intros section – my grandmother was recently diagnosed with advanced stage bile duct cancer that has metastasized to gall bladder, lining of the liver and possibly the bladder. The only treatment plan offered by the oncologist was palliative care.

    Since surgery, chemo and radiation are not options, I thought I would look at some alternative treatments.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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