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    OK, posting a new thread here. I’ve had 4 sessions of chemo, 2 with Gemzar only, 2 with Gemzar and Cisplatin. Literally no side effects whatsoever. I take Emend the day of chemo and 2 days afterwards plus the anti-nausea that they give me with the IV, but have not taken Zofran yet for the past 6 weeks.

    Brief history: 40 yrs old, CC in the bile duct only, resection 3/4 of the liver (right lobe complete, half of left), gall bladder and all of the bile duct, reconstruction of the bile duct with small intestine. 9/14 surgery date, feeling great so far. Got down to 165 lbs after surgery, back up to 194 and doing great in the gym and with cardio as well as work.

    My question, chemo has been adjuvant only as a preventative measure, the cancer was ONLY in the bile duct, no metastasis anywhere else. Am I getting enough adjuvant chemo??? I have had no side effects whatsoever at this point, will they get worse? Haven’t lost any hair yet, but I assume that this will happen eventually. I am out of town while posting this (in Houston) but can post what chemo I am receiving Thursday evening or Friday during my next chemo session once I can get a copy of my records. Just a bit confused as to why I’m doing so well (again, NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING!!!) yet hear so much about adverse reactions to Cisplatin and Gemzar wondering why it isn’t happening to me… Thoughts/comments? Welcome all at this point!!!

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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