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    Thank you Jolene!


    Hi April, and welcome. May you and your mother find comfort, advice, friendship and peace here. You will surely find unconditional love.



    Thank you both Gavin and magic!


    April,hi ,as everyone has said this is a great supportive place.Welcome


    Hi April,

    Welcome to the site, although I am sorry that you have to be here. As everyone else has said, this is indeed a great site where you will get loads of support, knowledge and sharing of experiences. I hope that will get as much from being here as I have.

    My dad was diagnosed last year and his CC was deemed to be inoperable, so no surgery or radiation. He underwent PDT as his treatment and a year on, he is still fighting this as best he can. Like all here, he has good days and bad days but his sense of humour and a positive outlook definitely help.

    My best wishes to you and your mum.



    Thank you so much to everyone here. You brought tears to my eyes with your kind words and quick responses. I read on another cancer discussion board, but have felt as though I type into a vacuum. So I was very surprised and overwhelmed to the responses here. Thank you.


    Welcome, April and I love your name as that is my birthday month. You are already seeing what a wonderful place this is with so many caring and loving people. My husband, Teddy, had a Whipple Surgery 4 years ago at the age of 73. He had 1 bout with the return of CC last year, had radiation and cyber knife and is our Miracle Man. At 77 he is golfing and may return to work part time. It sounds like your mother is in good hands and with doctors who are dealing with this quickly. Yes, this is an extremely frustrating road to travel but do read up on it as much as possible as that will help in the decisions you will have to make. Hope & Attitude are the key factors for everyone involved. Please keep us posted as we all truly care.


    You won’t be alone here, April. I’m in your position with my sister & I know how I keep bouncing off the walls on a daily basis, but this site is AMAZING – for information, for support & for feeling connected.

    Good luck & love to you & all of us.



    Hello April and a warm welcome to you. Yes, it is a rough road, April, however, it is a road not travelled alone. Whenever your Mom is up to it and if she chooses to do so, then please extend our welcome to her also. Our site offers an enormous amount of information either, by perusing our different categories or, of course, by addressing the helpful, caring, and supporting members on this board. Also, the search function (with key word) will lead you to previous threads. As Peter once said: welcome to the club no one wants to belong to but, so glad that you have found us.
    Best wishes coming your way,


    You will be so happy you have found this board!! Everyone here is positive and helpful, and you will get all your questions answered – or at least get different perspectives for your particular situation. My husband, Gary, was diagnosed in Oct. 2007, had the Whipple, radiation, and chemo and is now looking into targeted treatments to the liver. It’s been a long, tough journey, but this board has been my salvation and closest friend. We wish you and your mother the best and are glad you’re now in the hands of a knowledgable CC doctor.
    Prayers to you, Elaine and Gary


    Hi all,

    Thought I would introduce myself. I am April and I found this site while looking for information on cholangiocarcinoma (obviously). I am 37, a scientist and I have two kids ages 2 and 5.

    My mother (age 56) was initially diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma back in January and had a “successful” resection. Unfortunately within weeks more tumors started popping up on her liver. She finally switched around doctors and found some who specialized in GI cancers this past summer. They biopsied the spots, sent them to a number of places after starting her on Nexavar 6 weeks ago. A week ago she got word that the cancers were not HCC afterall, but CC. CT scan on Friday showed more “spots” she found out today. They have put her on Gemcitabine now and she will get a port installed this week.

    I look forward to reading other people’s stories and seeing what I can learn about this cancer, what others have done for treatment and what I can do to help her. This is terribly rough to go through – as I am sure you all know.


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