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    I’d like to add my welcome to the others and say I am sorry you had a reason to come to this site.

    I went to the Mayo in Rochester, MN, for a 3rd opinion a few years ago and say Dr. Grothy, who was very nice. Your Mom could not be at a better place for treatment.

    Best wishes


    Tivers….I would like to follow Lainy and Percy and welcome you to our site. It is best to take this disease one day at a time and it seems that this is what you are doing already. I wish for the current treatment to show promising results for your Mom.



    You are in good hands at Mayo Clinic.

    God bless.


    Welcome, TIvers to our fantastic family we are glad to have you but sorry you had to find us. You have done all the right things as Mayo Rochester is one of the best. GEM/CIS seems to be the cocktail of choice to start with. She is in good hands. I am not sure anyone on here has had shortness of memory, at least I cannot recall (am not being funny). I know our brilliant family will be coming aboard soon to help. It does sound like she does have a FAB team. Until more respond here I want to wish you luck and also to have a Healthier and Happy New Year and welcome, you have come to the right place.


    Wow, am I fortunate to find such a sight. Mom, 77 years young, was diagnosed 10/17/13, Stage 3/4 – 25mm marker at the bifurcation of the liver bile duct with a PLBN tumor in the pancreatic duct. From what I am reading she doesn’t appear to be as advanced as the majority of you. They gave us an extremely grim prognosis, but after reading your stories of strength amoung yourselves and/or your family members you have given me some fresh air to breathe in, thank you. She had to have a stent placed which became occluded immediately so a Y metal mesh stent had to replace it. She will start her 3rd round of Gemzar/Cisplatin next week and then repeat scans soon after. Her blood work is looking better as we go along. I was most concerned about her ALKP being elevated for so long, but after reading DukeNukems post, I’m feeling ok about it. Her bilirubin had been extremely high which has affected her short term memory, they say that that is permanent. We take it day by day because each day is truly a gift.

    She is Doctoring in the Mayo System out of Rochester, MN. We live in Austin, MN – which is 40 minutes from Rochester – fortunately the Doctors come to Austin, she has a great team. They have been extremely accessible and informative.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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