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    Hi Michelle,
    I, too. remember that feeling July of 07, when it was determined that my father(71) had CC. I was online immediately(not this site) and found many disheartening stats. However, stats are not always accurate, and every person reacts different with this cancer and treatment. There are people on this site, that have had success with treatment and or surgury, and I am sure they are going to chime in very soon and introduce themselves to you. I am in no way an expert on this cancer, but I am learning everyday from the wise people on this site. I am deeply sorry for your news, please let us help, whether if you need a place to vent(it can help), if you need info, prayers, we are here.


    Hi Michelle, it is not an easy journey & I’m right there with you…. my Dad was diagnosed with cc in Nov. This board has been an incredible support system to us since Dad’s diagnosis and I hope that you find it to be the same- so many wonderful people that really understand what you and your Dad are going through. Normality does not exist these days, in my world either, without a handful of tissues. I know what you mean, the pain & sense of loss are very real & intense…..

    You’re in our thoughts & prayers Michelle.



    Hi everyone

    We are reeling from the shock that my father (71) has cholangiocarcinoma. I just can’t stop crying, how do i survive the next couple of months, having to teach full-time and be normal whilst looking after my two boys and seeing my father die?

    I feel as if I have lost him already.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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