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    Thanks everyone! I feel much better now after reading your posts and I’ll be continuing to check back in here.


    dear vincent,

    so very sorry for the loss of your dear mom. your family sounds like a wonderful, loving family and i’m glad that you have each other to lean on.

    when your love is so great the pain is great as well. i hope that somehow you are able to express your pain as you deal with everyday demands….then there is school. you have a lot on your shoulders and my heart goes out to you and your family.

    with love,
    barb h


    Dear Vincent,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Everyone has already said it so well and I agree with all that has been said. Your Mom no longer has to suffer the pain of this horrid disease. She is at peace and will always be with you in your heart and memories. From your posts I feel that she was a wonderful caring mother who raised wonderful caring children. You can be so proud.

    I know she will be there to witness your graduation and she will be so proud of you.

    You & your family are in my thoughts and prayers.




    I am sorry for the loss of your mother, like you I am lucky to have 6 siblings to provide me with comfort, lean on each other.



    Dear Vincent and siblings,

    You are all such a credit to your mom which I’m sure made her immensely proud. To be loved and cared for so much by one’s children is the most wonderful gift a parent can receive.

    Please accept my condolences on your mom’s death; she is free from the anxiety and at peace in heaven, no more suffering. No more suffering is in itself a gift. My prayers are with your family.



    Vincent, I am so very sorry you lost your beloved mother. I know from reading your posts that you did absolutely everything possible for her. You sound like an amazing son and I’m sure your mother was so proud.

    Take all the time you need to mourn for your mom, you don’t have to be strong all the time, you are entitle to have your moments.

    My son will be graduating college, in May, and his dad did not make it long enough to see that day. While my husband battle this monster last year, he was always worried about his children and their school. (Like your mom, I’m sure) I tell my son all the time that his dad will be watching him on the day he receives his college diploma and this is how he will honor his memory.

    It will be hard but keep working on school because that’s what your mom wanted. I’m thinking you’re in college…..make sure you get some support/counseling from school…I know from my children, that’s it’s available.

    Take care of yourself.


    Hey Vincent, just wanted to say that you’ll continue to be in our prayers, as will your Mom. It’s wonderful that you had the time you did with her, and I’m sure she will continue to be the proudest Mom in the world, from above. She will see you graduate, and she’ll be there in your heart for all of your other wonderful achievments to come.

    Many warm wishes,


    Hello Vincent-

    I find myself not knowing what to say to members who have a loved one who is suffering from this disease. Today and often, sadly, I know how to empathize with loosing your Mother. I lost mine, too, just 8 months ago to this terrible cancer. I may have not reached out to you previously because I was feeling lost or angry, without much hope to offer, and I am sorry for that. Please know that it is now that I understand how to help you. I am sending healing energy your way.

    Your situation echoed mine with my Mom, Patty. I was in some small way relieved that her suffering was over, but we will be having many feelings about the losses each and every day for a long time. I admire your courage and your ability to communicate what you are feeling. That is rare, and very important on your healing journey.

    Ironically, my Mom wanted to see me graduate and I am about to do just that in June. My very best you you, stay strong, allow the “waves” of grief to come, and pass, as they do often.

    We are here when you need to talk; your post helps me to remember how grateful I am that I was there with my Mom to the very end.

    To our Moms! (((hugs))) -ljg


    Dearest Vincent, I am so very, very sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. She was very fortunate to have a loving son like you to help her with this tormented journey. She must have been so very proud of all her children and just from your posts, she was a wonderful mom to have raised 7 wonderful children. Yes, I agree that she will always be with you as mom’s never really leave their children. She will be guiding you through life one way or another…that’s what mom’s do. We are very honored to have had you in our club and we hope that you will keep us posted as you travel life’s road. Our prayers are for you and your family.


    Mom is resting in peace :(
    Hello everyone! The moment which I was really scared of to see it coming had finally came. Mom passed away yesterday around 6:25 pm after about 6 months battling with cholangiocarcinoma. I’m still trying to get used to accepting the fact that mom is gone but I know the day will come. Yet, I try to be strong and will be strong ‘cuz after all, mom in heaven wouldn’t want to see being weak anyway. I’m trying to be positive. In a way, mom doesn’t have to go through the pain she was having so I’m happy for her. I’m sure she wanted to live longer too but her quality of life was bad prior to her death. Luckily all 7 of us were there before she passed away. We stood on both sides of her bed. WE also had the monks to pray for her (our tradition). After she passed away, we (children) took turn praying for her for 8 hours straight till 2:30 am in the morning. So in a way, that would make mom happy for sure to have her lovely children did that for her which is priceless. Every important things that mom and us needed to tell each other had been said and done so there was nothing left. In a way, we’re very glad and more importantly, mom was gone without any pain thanks to the pain meds that kept her sedated and pain free.
    I am very glad my siblings are taking it better than I thought. At first i was very worried for my brother and all my sisters ‘cuz we all love mom to death. Who wouldnt love mom anyway being a great mom and a great person as she was. Well I should really say “is” ‘cuz mom will always live in our hearts. She’s a great role model for us to follow. Yeah, I’m very glad that my siblings aren’t as depressed (I hope they’re not hiding it). I was worried about how they were gonna deal with this but I’m glad they’re taking it better as I kept convincing them that it was better for mom that way.
    As for me, I’m slowly accepting the fact that mom is gone. It’s sad to see that but that’s just human’s nature. Everyone was sent to this world for a period of time and would be taken back. After all, if everyone can live forever, we would be running out of lands to live. I’m reminiscing every single moment we had with mom. I’m kinda scared to wake up ‘cuz I would see the reality is that mom is no longer there. However, I’m bleshed to have mom as my mom. We had a great time together whether it was good/bad or happy/sad. I treasured every single moment. Also, we’re glad that we were able to go on a few road trips with mom up north to see a Chinese doctor which we believed could help mom with her cancer. It was a long road trip and it was totally worth it ‘cuz of the moment we were with mom. I’m sure in her heart, she was very very happy. She kept telling us time over time. Money wise, we’re not rich all anything but she’s very very proud to have us children like she did. She said she had alot of pride in that even some rich parents can’t get. The love from us for her is priceless and I’m glad she appreciated that and she is very proud of us.
    Anyway, I dont know what else to say now but dont worry everyone. I’m staying strong and will be strong. It’s kinda hard to accept mom’s gone but eventually I will. I still have school to worry about and I know mom doesn’t want me to break down just like this. She know her son won’t be that weak. She really wanted to see me graduate and was really hoping to live till then but destiny doesn’t allow her. She’ll be seeing that in heaven and I will graduate and make her proud. Alrighty, I wish everyone a good day! i will check back later and I really really appreciate everyone’s caring and praying for mom and our family. This is one of the best forums with all the lovely, nice, and caring people. God will bless you all!


    Vincent….you can count on it.
    Hugs coming your way,


    Another day praying for mom and everyone!


    Thanks alot Marions and nice talking to you again earlier today.


    Vincent….I am so very sorry to hear about the developments. Vincent, every Hospital has a social worker on staff whom you should contact. Your Mom will need special care and the social worker will direct you to the organizations available to you.
    I am thinking of you and am hoping for your Mom to be comfortable.


    Vincent what a terrible time your all going through
    All my best Janet

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