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    Thanks for the info. Sorry that i wasn’t able to get on here. I was too busy with school and was spending time with mom in the hospital. As i mentioned previously, after her 3rd chemo, she was constipated and couldnt pee at all although she did consume alot of watever. They drained her urine out and she was ok. However, on Sunday’s nite, she had severe back pain and it just kicked in so fast (from mild) and she couldnt breathe. We called an ambulance and they took her to ER and had been giving her morphine to treat her pain and IV fluid. Anyway, she’s ok and still has mild back pain. They’ll discharge her 2morrow. After this 3rd cycle, she doesnt wanna get a 4th cycle any more ‘cuz she was hospitalized after every chemo cycle. And seeing her going through all of this sucks ‘cuz she can’t tolerate it at all.


    hi vincent
    this is what my wifes doctor suggested while she was on chemo…
    increase fluid intake..including warm fluid
    drink 4oz. of prune juice in morning
    tablespoon of olive oil or mineral oil daily in the morning
    take a stool softener like colace
    take up to 100mg.5 times a day
    if that dont help than add more fiber plus fruits and veggies
    i hope this helps but ask her doctors first because everyone is differant best wishes and good luck…..ron


    Dear Vincent

    Have just found this forum and my dad’s situation is so similar to your mom’s.

    How is your mom doing?





    I am 60 years old and I personally don’t think I would go through all this.


    Mom just had her 3rd chemo cycle. Yep, we delayed it then my brother brought her to see dr. el khoeri for a check up on Monday 3/2, that same day he encouraged mom to do it and said that her tumor marker had gone down. I wasn’t there with them so i didnt know. We requested to get a copy of the lab on Tue but the CA value wasn’t in there. I wonder if he lied ‘cuz he wanted mom to continue getting treatment.
    Mom couldn’t pee at all on Tue so we had to take her to the hospital and they had to connect a catheter to drain her urine out and until now she still have it and my bro will take her to see a kidney doctor tomorrow. She had no bowel movement either. It really sucks. It seemed like she’s being tortured with different stuff every time. She had mild back pain this time so it’s not too bad. The only concern we have for her now is her bowel movement and urination. Anyone has any comment about this and any recommendation? Thanks!


    Glad to hear that your Mother is feeling better. You & your Mom will also be in my thoughts.


    Thanks for the update Vince. You & your Mom continue to be in our thoughts.


    Hello everyone,
    Just wanna keep everyone updated. Mom delayed her 3rd chemo cycle on Monday and she’s doing fine at home. I’m glad to see her feeling much better. Even though the back pain is somewat bothers her a bit but then she has much more energy than last week.


    Thanks for the info! As for mom, we’ll respect her decision and wait for few days to see what she wants to do. She’s supposed to have her 3rd cycle of chemo this coming Monday but we’ll just delay it. I mean there is no point to ask her to do it when she hates it so much. I mean ever since she was on 2nd cycle or even first cycle, there wasn’t been a day that she looked happy or active and I’m sure that has to do with the side effect of the chemo.


    Back pain was the reason why I went to see my doctor in September 08, leading to the diagnosis of cc. I still suffer from pain and have had difficulty controlling it. I have been prescribed Oxycodon, I am now taking 40mg/day which seems to be working well.

    I have trouble sleeping at the moment and have Oramorph to take if needed during the night. I am currently undergoing chemo, have been since early December (Gemcitabine) and had Cisplatin added for the first time last week. The chemo could be the reason for the back pain, I hadn’t thought about it before to be honest.


    YES! My Mom’s CC arose from back pain that she ignored for about 3 weeks, thinking that she pulled a muscle. Later orange urine sent her to the ER which began the process of diagnosis.

    Unfortunately, and I am sorry to say this, we understood that her pain would be controlled, but between the back pain and discomfort from ascities, it really was only knocked down a bit. She had a difficult time getting comfortable and said her back ached so badly, we bolstered her repeatedly each hour and she was extremely pain tolerant woman.

    I am of the belief, although it was not proven, that her cancer, which was stage 4 when found and very wide spread (on the bile duct, the duodenum, gall bladder and on the diaphragm… still hard for me to say that, you know), had spread either to the bones or was wrapped around the spine, fascia or nerve bundles.

    Hopefully, this pain will calm down, change for the better (which it can) or be decreased with fluid draining if there is ascities involvement.

    So sorry to hear that anyone is in pain. Good luck with the meds. The pain patches were particularly helpful for us and began to contain the pain later on. All my best to both you and your Mother. I’ve been there, Vincent, and you are not alone. -ljg


    Mom was discharged yesterday and she’s ok now. She’s thinking about delaying the chemo. I know it’s not a good idea but then the chemo really decreases her quality of life and it’s really hard to see her going through all that. She has severe back pain and oral thrush. I wonder if anyone had the chemo also had severe back pain? I’m glad that she’s home now.


    marions….thank you for your comments. yes, after one round of antibiotics the infection was almost gone when i had the groshong removed. due to the lingering infection i was prescribed another round of antibiotics. finally, that wound appears to be ok. the clots are still an issue, but i’m getting daily injections of lovenox.

    vincent, thank you for your concern and my heart goes out to your mom with all she is going through. good luck with your classes.

    love to you,
    barb h


    I’m so sorry to hear that from you Barb. Hope things will get better for you.
    Mom serum creatinine went up from 2.2 to 2.4 but then it went down to 2.1 at 6 am (when they ran the lab) on Tue 2/16. However, she couldnt pee at all and therefore they had to use the catheter to drain out her urine. Hopefully, it’ll get better 2morrow. Class starts again for me so that means i wont have alot of free time any more. Anyway, i’ll keep everyone updated.

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