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    DUKE, Gavin is just one of our angels here on earth who after caring for his mum, takes the time to find information to help others. I would be surprised if he sleeps.
    Congratulations on the great scan. I was so glad to read and as always really enjoyed your posts.
    Keep the good news coming.


    Hi Duke,

    No problems with you asking me that. My dad was diagnosed with CC in 2008 and I came here then like so many others as well have over time looking for help and information. As to finding the articles and news etc that I post here on the site, I search for them each evening online and some of them come up in my newsfeeds and things like that.

    I find a lot of stuff and only post what I think is relevant to the folks here and what may be useful as well. As to what board I post it on here, I try and post a piece on the relevant board so that it makes it easier for people interested in something to read that article rather than put everything I find on the same board. Hopefully that stops some of the boards getting too clogged up with articles.

    Hope that helps and my best wishes to you,



    I’ve got to ask, Gavin. What is your background? I’m sure many know it, but as a newbie I don’t. How do you find the time to find these articles?

    Is there a central listing of cross-references? They are scattered across boards and separated in time. Maybe just having a list within each board would help. “One-stop-shopping” so to speak.


    Thanks for posting this, dear Gavin. This is a subject dear to the hearts of many. Palliative care is desperately needed for symptom and side effect control as well as psychosocial support. This has been brought up in numerous plenary session however; progress has been slow in the implementation of this important aspect of cancer care.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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