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    Asher…they could not possibly release him without making sure that his pain is under control. As Bazel has mentioned, you might need to make some calls. No pain…your Dad has to be made comfortable with whatever it takes to achieve this. If your Dad has problems swallowing pills you might want to consider the use of suppositories. It worked well for my husband. Don’t take “no” for an answer and insist on getting the help you need. Your Dad must be so grateful to have you on his side. Hang in there.
    Hugs coming your way,


    Sorry you are walking this path. You mentioned in your post that your dad is on a waitlist for hospice, that surprises me. Are you in a smaller community with limited resources? We are in a metro area with multiple hospice organizations. Who is making the arrangements on behalf of your dad? I would start calling around to other providers if you have that option.



    It’s really difficult keeping track of Dad’s meds, because they keep changing his regimen daily.

    The latest update is a little more than we bargained for. The cancer is now in his lungs, and his bones (pelvis, spine, 2 ribs, skull, shoulder). As a result, he has a broken rib and is experiencing so much pain! He is having trouble breathing, I don’t know if this is a result of the lung cancer, the broken rib? His spleen is enlarged which doesn’t seem to be a good thing. I’m not sure really what that means. They are getting him hospice at home now. Hospital bed, help in the morning and night so that is great progress.

    I don’t really know why I am posting? You expect that this monster will spread and it does. My hope has been that it would stay contained in the liver and if it had to spread JUST NOT THE BONES!! I don’t know what to expect now. It seems as though the cancer’s movement doubles every 3 months. From the tumor in the liver to mets all over the liver, to the lungs, now to the bones, and each time the tumors grow double in size.

    He is on the waitlist for hospice and I am assuming that they will move him in when they see he needs too, just as they agreed to the hospital bed and all that. I just want his pain to be under control. Does anyone know if you can have intravenous at home?


    Yes, great idea Marion…my dad’s regimen changed slightly, but I will be sure to get a list of meds when I am down to see him. I will report back…


    Asher….you are right. On this board, we have not seen many comments in re: to night sweats, specifically other then what you have mentioned: chills or rigors. Is this a new phenomenim with this ever so puzzling cancer expression? We might want to list the medications taken by each in order to see if we can pinpoint the reasons and pass it on to the treating physicians.
    Any thoughts?


    Yessss! My daddy has been experiencing this soooo much since his diagnosis in October. Same thing, he has to have 2 or 3 shirts on hand because it is that bad. I also tried searching “night sweats” because I wasnt sure if this was common and wanted to know what to advise for my dad but didn’t get many hits. I did come across chills, fever but nothing to the extent of severe night sweats. I think too it has a lot to do with his medications….


    I also have suffered from night sweats on and off. The last round being last week. I’d wake up, my shirt soaked, my hair soaked. They have abated this week. Thank God for small favors.


    Jim – I get night sweats off and on as well. One oncologist I talked to mentioned offhand there is a medicinal remedy to this… I’m not sure exactly what it is. You should ask.

    My tricks for dealing with night sweats:
    1. I try to wear wicking shirts to bed (any material that pulls the sweat away from your body). This doesn’t stop the problem, but helps me to dry off quicker sometimes without changing shirts.
    2. I occasionally sleep on a towel.
    3. Down blankets trap the heat too much for me. I prefer cotton blankets and sheets.

    These remedies only allow me to ignore the problem while I’m trying to sleep. You’ll still probably have to wash the sheets more often.

    Good luck.


    I also experienced night sweats last summer before I was diagnosed with cancer. I was woken up and had to change my shirt in the night, but then they left once I had been diagnosed. They did return for a short time before I was told the cancer had returned a month or so ago but I have not experienced them again.



    I get night sweats too sometimes and have for quite awhile. I end up moving to the living room where it is cooler. I dont like to think of it as cancer related…in my mind I am just one hot tamale. :)


    Jim…..there are some postings re: night sweats (some of some are variations of sweat and chills) but, you might want to also use the search function in order to retrieve these discussions. You probably know this already: Top Bar, Search Function, click on, enter “night sweats” (don’t need author) and the threads will appear.
    Good luck and as Lisa mentioned I am hoping for these uncomfortable episodes to disappear.


    Hi Jim,
    I also experienced night sweats before I was diagnosed and early in my battle against cancer. I thought it was menopause :)

    Once the tumor shrank and the bili count went down, the night sweats went away for me.

    Just my 2 cents.


    I’ve not seen anyone mention this topic. I was officially diagnosed late Nov w/ cc, but started experiencing occasional night sweats before the actual diagnosis. The night sweats still continue. Some nights I wake & change my sweat-drenched shirt 3,4, 5 times a night. Anyone else w/ same symptoms ? Has anyone heard of anything to minimize this annoyance ?

    I’m 49, in relatively good shape, 195 lbs ( not overweight ).

    My oncologist said it may start to diminish if tumor shrinks some, but so far, no relief. I’ve gone thru radiation & am currently on chemo treatments, both Gemzar & Xeloda (oral). I had an udated CT scan this week, but won’t get results til next.

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