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    Melinda……I too believe this to be excellent news and given that you enjoy very good quality of life, the trial is showing great promise. What is interesting that only the lung tumors showing minimal activity and yet the liver tumors are stable. Great, great, news. Thanks for thinking of us and enjoy the good results, which I know you already are.


    Hi Melinda– congratulations on your good news! I’m so happy for you. I wish we could have followed in your footsteps and done this trial as well. Unfortunately, my husband has a stent, so they wouldn’t let him in for fear of an infection. I hope that your path continues on such a positive note. Thank you for being a part of such an amazing trial and showing all of us how successful they can be. — Bridget


    Hi all,

    I just returned from NIH this week. My scans showed minimal growth, like in 1-2 mm in only a couple of tumors in my lungs. Considering I have several tumors in both lungs and I think 4-6 in my liver…that have not grown, I am still happy with this news. We are just watching for now, I go back in the middle of August for next checkup. They have a formula for everything and won’t consider it progression of disease until a certain percentage of growth. At that time I could possibly repeat the treatment, depending on the consensus of the doctors, or look for a different trial.

    I am still happy with the trial results for me, I only wish that it would work for someone else as well. There is still so much of the unknown. I know for me, not having to do chemo, gave me great quality of life this past year and amazing time with my family. I still don’t know what the future holds but I remain optimistic and hold on to my faith. Always thinking of you all, my fellow cc fighters….God Bless…..Melinda

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