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    Your father has dealt with this awful disease with such grace and on his own terms. I hope that he rallies from this downturn as he has every other time. I wish him peace and to be pain free.



    Saying prayers for peace for your dad and all of you.
    Lots of prayers-Cathy


    sistercorb….know that a tidal wave of positive thoughts are heading your way.
    Love and hugs,


    Haven´t read your story before, and so glad I found it! What an amazing man, he sure has it his way!
    I´m so sorry for his present suffering although I wouldn´t be surprised if he comes around this time as well.
    Prayers for you and him!!


    Dear sistercorb,

    I am sorry to hear of your Dad’s decline in health. I will pray that that he will be pain-free and comfortable. What a strong, brave man he has been. God bless all of your family.

    Love, -Pam


    I have just said a prayer to you Dad too.
    God Bless.


    Sending prayers for your dad.


    Dear Sistercorb, I am so very sorry to hear this. What a strong, strong man he has been and it must be so painful for you to watch him decline in this way. He certainly did get an extra year and he did it his way, how wonderful is that? Sending prayers and best thought your way, hang in, be strong!


    bad news
    dad is in icu. he had a heartattack. he was in a coma. has woke up. he has pressure burns on his feet. very bad. finally has a metal stent, dont no if it will work. he is very septic right now. have to put in a port . all his veins has collasped. he has kidney failure. doesnt sound good. but then we have had him for more then a year now, longer than expected. he hates the hospital. the cc has spread all thur his body. but he is still here. thanks to all who said a prayer. i’m asking for more prayers now. thanks again


    Hi Sistercobb,

    Thanks for letting us know how your dad is doing, and I will most certainly be keeping him in my thoughts. That is great to hear that he is keeping so busy with things and I hope that his new dogs are behaving themselves! I am sure that they will continue to keep him busy!

    Best wishes to you and your dad,



    Dear sistercorb, this is just wonderful news. He sure is something! Thanks so much for checking in and letting us know how Dad is. All I can say is Amen!


    i havent forgot anyone. been very busy. its been a year now , dad is still with us. he has two more stent replacement since i was last on here. about every 2 months now. he is yellow again. been a month since last replacement. he seems to be doing good. just pain meds. Still lives by his self. my brother lives above him. keeps a good eye on him. dad looks bad, but he doesnt let it get him down. he has brought him a trailer and had rooms big on. i think it just gives him something to do, cause he has two homes. he has got himself some more dogs to raise. he just keeps busy. he is a unbel.iveable. keep us in your prayers


    Love all the “beating the statistics” stories. I think it’s time they stop giving “death sentences” and tell people to concentrate on living. That’s what most of us are doing! Keep enjoying each day. Hugs. Nancy


    Ever so often we need to remember that WE DON’T HAVE AN EXPIRATION STAMP DATE STAMPED ON 0UR FEET.
    Love to all,


    Dear Sistercorb –

    I read your posts — I’m so glad you were able to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad!

    When we got the diagnosis five weeks ago, they said my dad had “weeks” — I didn’t think he would be here on Father’s Day and he was!

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