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    I am so sorry that you were blown away by all that bad news. You have every right to all that you are feeling. I agree with Lainy that you can be realistically optimistic. You know your body & you have the right to decide which course you want to take from here. If this doctor does not agree with whatever you decide, find one who does. I hate this horrid disease & I share your anger. Please keep posting & let us know how things are going. You are in my thoughts & prayers.



    Damn, Jamie. Sorry for the word. You are entitled to the biggest pity party ever thrown. You sound like a fighter so I would suggest talking to the family and then decide what YOU want to do. I guess one option would be to at least try the cocktails again and see in 2 months what happens. You can always go off if they are not working. How dare he say, be realistic. You tell him you are realistically optimistic. If he doesn’t want to fight with you, if that’s your decision then find someone who will. I’m mad right with you. In some cases anger is good you know, as it provokes you to fight!!! Please keep us posted, I know you will.


    Hi everyone! Well I got very little sleep last night. Had my one year scan this morning and was really nervous about it. Had been having some problems so was afraid of the results. Well, nothing prepared me for them. I went for almost a year with clear scans and now they found metastasis in both lungs and also a tumor on the edge of the surgical margin. I am exhausted and overwhelmed and so discouraged. I have to tell my kids tonight. Of course the Dr basically said we’re back to where we were when I was first diagnosed so be glad I got the extra year. He gave me 3 options, do nothing and scan again in a couple of months, start back on either Xeloda or Gemcitabin, or start back on both of them like I was on before. I told him I wanted to be aggresive and beat this but he said that’s not realistic. When I left I really don’t know what to do. Any thoughts or suggestions? I don’t want to give up and accept their predictions. I am so mad right now. I really thought I could beat this. I was looking forward to moments with my kids and now I feel like those moments are slipping away and being stolen from me. No weddings or grandkids or graduation from college. Sorry I guess I’m having a pity party. Anyway, if you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on treatment or if anyone has had this and you could share that would be helpful. I guess I figured if it came back it would be in the liver and maybe they could do another resection. I never thought about it going to my lungs. Thanks for all your help and support. God Bless,

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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