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    So sorry to hear you are going through all of this. Thinking of you!



    Oh Lainy, sendng you light and love and all the positive energies possible! These journey’s that we take only make us stronger on some level. You are so surrounded by love from both sides of the veil. Be strong and know you are not alone, ever.
    In peace,


    Oh Lainy, I’m so sorry to hear this news. I’m glad your daughter is close by and will give you support when you need it. I’m praying for you and sending you much love and positive energy.

    A big hug,


    Hi my Son from another Mother. I got our email and answered and you are right as Teddy has already been here.
    I was computering (ha) trying to get tired to sleep and there it was. When Teddy first got sick with cc I asked him how will I know after he is gone that he is trying to touch me. We decided on a soft touch to the cheek. Well he has not mastered the cheek yet but he does run his fingers around my forehead and hair. Just the lightest touch like a cobweb and he has been doing it pretty much all night here. I also asked Robins BF if he would be with me before I go in to surgery. He is very strong and just that sweet and I feel safe with him. Much like T was. I asked him and he answered, “It would be my honor to be with you”. I know you will like that one. So I am going to try to sleep again.
    Grandson is coming over tomorrow to fix my remotes that Maria broke then we will do dinner. I know I have you in my other corner. Love Momma


    Oh Momma, really sorry to read this news from you this morning. Yet another thing for you to have to deal with and worry about and you so do not deserve this at all! I think that your onc is right in that this could have hindered your recovery from your colitis and no wonder you have been feeling so tired all of the time.

    You know that my fingers are crossed for another successful surgery here and I hope that your team can get this sorted asap. And if you have such faith in your surgeon then I do as well! A ton of positive thoughts are boinging their way over to you from me.

    Real glad to hear that Robin will be going with you to every medical app and I know that the kids will be there with you as well, what a great team you have around you! And I know that T will be with you as well as always.

    Luv ya loads,



    Thanks Willow. I have a fabulous daughter 15 minutes from me, I am so blessed. She insists now on going all Doctor appts from here on. She also wants to stay with me when I get home but honestly I like healing alone. We shall see. It is what it is now time to fix it. Teddy knows and he is playing with my hair, yes he does that. Guess he wants me to know he is with me. OMG feels like cobweb on my face! LOVE it!


    What a blow! I am so sorry about this awful development. So glad you have loving family nearby to help you through. Hang in there dear Lainey.


    Thanks LindaR and Darla. I went to dinner tonight with my Daughter and her BF and a Grandson who came in from College for the weekend. Feel so much better. What ever the news I usually get over it in a day and get on with what has to be done. Now I know what it is like to be hit with that bat! One good thing is I am hoping that if the tumor is causing blockage that could be causing my problems with the colitis and why I am not getting better. Another
    thing is I was thinking that the Surgeon who removed it the first time and who I will be using this time may also do the other other tumor even if they said I need a Neuro surgeon. OOPS maybe not. Thanks girls.



    If it isn’t one thing it is another for you of late. My fingers and everything else are crossed that all will go well. I agree with Linda. It’s your turn now and you need to lean on your family and all of us here and focus on you. Take care of yourself and know we are all pulling for you. I know Teddy is right there supporting you too. :)

    Love & Hugs,


    Wishing you the very best, Lainy. You provide so much support to everyone on this board. Now it’s time to focus on taking care of yourself. Remember there are many people here who care about you. Linda


    Kris, I want to ask you something. Teddy always tells me in certain ways that he is watching out for me so what kind of watching is this? I really have not caught my breath yet on the cancer tumor. I mean 5 years and then pow! One Grandson coming home tonight for the weekend from U of A so Robin and 2 of the boys and I oh and Robert are going out to eat tonight. She already told me she wants to go to every Doc I see this month. I am blessed. We now both feel I have not healed further from the Remicade because of the obstruction I may have! So I guess some bad things can bring about good things.

    Thank you Carl, I just take a day and I will be fine tomorrow. I may even send for my Sicilian drama queen sis in law, Maria to come stay with me. Have not decided if I am better off with her or being alone! I like to be alone, but we get along like 2 old peas in a pod. Hope Lynn is doing well.



    Please know we are thinking of you this day. You are such an inspiration to all of us. We know you will do everything in your power to beat this new growth. We wish you the very best.

    Carl and Lynn


    Oh, Lainy,
    Enough is enough! I hope the surgery goes well. Get that nasty thing outta you! Praying for some quick surgeries and easy healing.
    Tell Teddy to watch over you. Have him put in a good word that you are still needed down here and healthy, for what would we do without your daily posts?? We miss you when you need to take time off.


    Had an appointment with my ONC today and looks like my 5 year cancer (I will not dignify cancer with a capitol C) free is over. 6 months ago I was clean and as of now I have a tumor (cancer) where the other GIST was. We do not know yet if it is a Gist or another type. It is growing quickly and is already 3 X 6 CM. The ONC also feels it is obstructing my intestines which could be why I am not healing properly from the Colitis. She is calling the Surgeon who did my first GIST and I trust him so much what ever he says works for me. I will have a ton of appointments this month and Robin will go with me.
    I know I will probably have to do that surgery first then after I heal do the other tumor with is benign.
    The ONC also is suggesting Gleevec (very expensive) until surgery to hold it at bay, it is the ONLY RX for a Gist. Again she will confer with Dr Runfola, and as she said now they are my team. And you may wonder why I don’t have a social life! Wow, I just had a thought that this cancer is what could be making me so fatigued.

    I have to admit the Happy Pills did not work at the ONC but I am OK now. Surgeries do not scare me its just that is so much to digest and I don’t eat that much anymore.

    That’s the whole story. Love Me

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