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    Well my dad had his second dose of Gemzar a week ago. After battling a bout of not being able to go to the bathroom, we thought he’d perk up when he got some relief. But he has no energy and has been in bed for 4 days only to get up to go to the bathroom. He is eating small meals but i just had to feed him or he’d just go to sleep. This afternoon he took a turn for the worse. He couldn’t get up, was confused, had chills with no fever, sick stomach, basically in bad shape. Took him to ER and he has no infection and his biliruben was okay. No high amonia (sp) levels. No dehydration. So why is he in such bad shape? We are doing all the right things with medication. The doctor said she’d admit him or we could take him home and enjoy time with him. We opted to go home. My sister and I are trying to manage but he is dead weight when he’s confused. I think we need a wheelchair instead of his walker. I’m going to call his oncologist back in the morning and she if she wants to see him. Don’t know if this is the progression of the disease or chemo related. I believe my dad has hit every high point of this horrible disease this summer.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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