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    Lisa – so sorry to hear your news. I agree with Lainy that it is a good thing the doctors are trying a new strategy. Has Dr. Fung ever mentioned a liver transplant for you? How are you feeling?

    Let me know how the surgery goes today. I’m thinking of you Lisa.



    If you CCA still confined in the liver and not metastasized to other parts of the body; try to talk to the radiologist who performed the SBRT for you and get a 2nd opinion on whether radioembolization is an option for you It’s side effects are fatigue,which last for a week to 10 days and nausea too.but compare to the chemotherapy the side effects are short term and the quality of life is much better. You can still have chemotherapy if the radioembolization is not successful .the overall response rate is about 46% but if you count together with the stable response , the disease control rate is around 75% depending on the tumor burden ( how many tumors and how big they are). I definitely will ask for this as whether is an option for me as an intrahepatic CCA patient.
    God bless.


    Hi Lisa. Wow, girl, you have a lot going ont here! The Doctors meeting and coming up with a plan is good! I hope the Lumpectomy goes well and that you can at least let that problem go!!! Enough, already! I am sending good vibes and juju!
    Not sure what juju is but I like that word!


    I had my CAT scan today to see if the radiation worked on the two tumors in my liver. One tumor shrank, one tumor grew and a new one has popped up. The good news was that. My CA 19-9 was down to 142 from 1350 about five weeks ago. The doctors are meeting on Thursday at their solid liver tumor board to discuss my case and come up with a game plan. The oncologist did mention a clinical trial at University Hospital(Cleveland) that uses the following drugs: 5-Flourouracil,AZD2171, Calcium Leucovorin and Oxaliplatin. Tomorrow is breast surgery….wish it was a lift and not a lumpectomy…..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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