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    I have spoken to a nutritionist and an integrative medicine physician. They both recommended eating organic. It’s more critical that certain things be organic than others. On this website, there’s a list of the fruits & veggies you should try to eat organic and a list of those that it’s not as big of deal.

    The nutritionist recommended a lot of sensible things – limit sugars (which I’ve heard feed cancer), eat fiber, eat lots of fruits & vegetables, try to eat the whole fruit, not drink the juice. The more you can eat fruits and veggies in the raw state, the better. Flax seeds are good for you which you can grind up and sprinkle on cereal or other foods. (I look for frozen waffles with flax seeds at the health food store.) The darker the fruit/veg the better – such as the darkest blue blueberries, the reddest raspberries, yams, deep green lettuces, red bell peppers. Avoid red meat and try to eat organic meat.

    My nutritionist told me about a website that I will look up and put on here.

    The integrative medicine doctor said to limit dairy and to avoid most soy products unless organic. She said so much soy grown in America is done so with tons of pesticides. She also said berries are the best, and buy organic. Sometimes I buy them frozen. Further, she said to limit fats and eliminate altogether trans fats which now have to be listed on the nutritional food labels.


    My husband has lost an enormous amount of weight.
    Cancer Options UK gave us this information and recipe for weight gain

    Research has shown that the most effective method of stopping the cachexia (severe weight loss associated with cancer) becoming a major problem is to take high dose fish oils, a mixture of both omega 3 and omega 6, in as high a dose as you can manage. There is also a drug called megesterol, which has been shown to be the most effective drug in helping cachexia, if you have not done already, you might consider having a short course of steroids, which will increase your appetite, and your energy. You cannot stay on them for too long, but they rarely fail to improve the situation.

    Smoothie Recipe For Weight Gain

    Glutamine 3 capsules (repairs muscle and gut lining)

    Whey Protein Powder 3 tbsp (builds albumin, supports the liver)

    Colostrum (Lacto ferrin for immune function) capsules, open and sprinkle contents in. According to manufacturers dosage, according to whether it is powder or capsules etc. Suggest up to 4 capsules a day

    IP6 Powder 3 tspns. Excellent anti-cancer properties

    Add any of the following, whichever is easiest to obtain


    This review summarizes the book I mention in my previous post much better then I did.

    From Publishers Weekly
    This encyclopedic compendium of “natural” medicinal strategies offers encouragement and much sound advice to cancer patients and those seeking to ward off the disease. The authors, doctors of naturopathy, advocate complementing, not replacing, standard therapies with alternative therapies to prevent cancer, slow its progress and cope with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Their emphasis is on nutrition and diet, including vitamin and mineral supplements rich in antioxidants and heavy doses of herbal teas and fish oil, but they also cover acupuncture, hydrotherapy and massage. Their sober approach cites numerous medical studies, including those with conflicting results, to back up their claims, and warns readers when natural medicines are contraindicated or might interfere with standard medications. The sometimes bewildering amount of information is clearly summarized in bullet-pointed regimens tailored to specific kinds of cancer and treatment protocols, and accompanied with sample menus and recipes to make a low-fat, low-sodium, hot-dog-free (studies link the consumption of cured meats to childhood cancers such as leukemia) diet more palatable. While the scientific jury is still out on the efficacy of some of the authors’ recommendations, their basic program-stop smoking and drinking, exercise, eat lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables-is uncontroversial.
    Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.


    Here’s a book which has helped me to understand how to integrate Cancer fighting alternatives, including diet, with the science, imaging technology, surgery and techniques of alopathic medicine. All can certainly be used to our advantage.

    How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine
    by Michael T. Murray, Tim Birdsall, Joseph E. Pizzorno, Paul Reilly

    It has a good section on diet, and other modalities, for patients who are preparing for, or undergoing, Chemo.


    good nutrition is vital when trying to fight this disease, i would stick to organic if i were you and try to eat as much fresh fruit and veg – green veg eg broccoli is especially good at boosting immune system. i am not sure about sweets – my dad likes to suck boiled sweets, i had heard that cancer cells feed off sugar (isn’t this how pet scans work?) – however when i rang cancer bacup they said that this is a myth. also some evidence to show that eating a macrobiotic diet can shrink tumors, my dad was advised to eat high protein food and indulge it what ever took his fancy as long as you are sensible.



    Does anyone know if you should use a nutritionist for cancer patients. Can anyone tell me if organic food is good or does it matter if you just want to gain weight. I thought sweets were bad for cancer cells. Please advise if possible. Thank you in advance for any information.

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