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    Good for you Brianbarbaradoyle! I don’t believe when doctors suggest to eat anything, no matter what stage of the cancer. That does not make sense.


    My wife is stage four and is getting better as she is focused on an organic fruit and vegetable diet. She also has a list of supplements including a green drink 3x every day. We think this, as much as the chemo and trial drug, is making the difference!


    I can only give advice based on experience. Sugar is good to reduce, also reduce or eliminate red meat. Again, you have to go according to your Dad and what he can tolerate and agree to. Small quantities of food throughout day, rather than a big meal. I don’t know if that is possible as most lose appetite anyway.
    How about fresh green juices and/or carrot juice? Can he eat goo quality fish such as wild salmon? High sources of Vitamin C such as lemons squeezed in warm water or oranges, strawberries, or any type of berries. Ginger can be chewed and spit out for nausea. You still should seek advice from a nutritionist to get a better background on his condition and food allergies, foods he can and cannot tolerate. I had the same experience of a doctor suggesting to my mom to eat anything. I didn’t listen, but gave her suggestions based on her needs and what she would like and would work for her.

    All the best, and you are doing the right thing!


    Eliz….welcome to our special group. Happy to hear that that your Dad is receiving excellent care from his current team.
    Regarding nutrition: I hope that someone else will come forward and share information with you. In the meantime you may want to peruse the chemocare site:

    Hope this helped. Please continue to stay engaged with us. We are here to help and we are in this together.



    My dad was recently diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma and will start to undergo chemo therapy this week. He will be getting treatment at the University of Chicago Cancer Center and everyone we’ve been in contact with has been VERY helpful and hopeful throughout the process. Our whole family feels very comfortable with his team of doctors. One thing we are looking for is more information on nutrition for him. Does anyone know of a good nutritionist who would be able to give us some information or even put a plan together of what he should and should not eat? The doctors have basically said to eat anything he wants but to try to stay away from sugar.

    If anyone knows of someone who would be able to give us some guidance on nutrition that would be wonderful. Preferably someone in the Chicagoland area or someone who would be willing to work with us remotely.

    We are VERY new to this arena and looking for any help we can get. Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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