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    Thanks again everyone. I swear no matter what you guys know exactly what to write to make me smile.

    I am back from th ercp-no hospital stayover required. That was enough to make the day better. They could not get to where they needed to be because of my fancy new plumbing. But they took a couple of tissue samples anyway-wouldnt want the trip through the intestines to be completely useless.

    I am waiting for word from Gothanburg (where the liver specialists hang out in Sweden). My doctor here seems to think a liver biopsy would be next. Well, that is just one more procedure to add to my list. I am feeling fine otherwise-though full of gas from the ercp which I am sure my husband loves.

    I am off to bed and put this day to rest. You guys are great.



    I’ve had the same scaring vrs tumor quandary. Docs w/o a lot of CC experience said tumor, my surgeon said go home and live a good life…’s scaring. That was 4 years ago so I think he was right.

    Don’t you love it when gallstones are good news for us. Most of the population would be in hand wringing mode over such a minor diagnosis.

    Be well……I vote scaring!



    “scarring number” one, “gall stones” number two.
    That is where I am going with this. I will join you with the glass of wine.


    Kris.. Praying for the best results possible! Yo-da-lay-de-ooooh ! A red head head is ready to let it blow! You can handle a couple stones I’m sure. Scare tissue is my middle name from bow to stern both sides with cannon ball scares in between; I haven’t sunk yet! It makes us happy to see you keeping that positive upbeat attitude!
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Thanks everyone.
    Richard, you have the kind of humor I LOVE. You had me laughing out loud!



    Praying for gall stones and scars! And please enjoy that glass of wine – you most certainly earned it. Cheers!



    Good luck with everything. I did a double take when I read “pray I have gall stones”. I guess that’s literally being between a rock (“stone” to be precise) and a hard place.



    Hi Kris,
    Here’s hoping for that stone! I know it sounds weird to hope for something like that, but you deserve a good report AND that glass of wine! Enjoy some for me – I can’t drink at all anymore due to migraines (I know, what a whiner to complain about something so trivial when you have to deal with so much more!)

    Best of luck to you!



    Monday, I arrived back in lovely Sweden where my wonderful husband met me with 3 beautiful Christmas flowers. The hospital called literally 20 minutes after I arrived and I was scheduled for bloodwork today and an ercp tomorrow. There is a chance that the ercp will not be possible as my new plumbing might prevent the scope from getting where it needs to be. But I will not borrow trouble and I hope that everything can go as planned.

    I have had mixed news from the tumor board at UNC. The panel wasnt completely convinced it was a reoccurance as it is so close to where they reconnected me during my first surgery which means it could be scarring. Plus, they seem to think I might have gall stones in my liver which means it could also be a stone blocking the tube and not a tumor. I am so scared now as I think they have raised my hopes too high. The panel also determined that it might be impossible to have surgery if it is a tumor-I was told this in the meeting, but it looks more difficult now. So my chances of it not being a tumor have slightly increased where my chances of having surgery if it is a reoccurance have decreased. Hop on board for the cc rolloer coaster ride-free popcorn!

    I am cooking a very healthy dinner tonight and to be ornary, I will have a glass of wine just because I have not really drank since my surgery in January and dog gone it-I deserve it.

    Keep me in your thoughts. Lets all pray I have gall stones (or scarring)-I am sure God will see the humor in praying for a specific illness-I do!


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