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    It isn’t the juicing the gets to me. It’s cleaning the @#$% juicer afterwards.
    : )
    I’m now juicing twice a day but only cleaning the juicer at night. Seems to work OK.


    my Dad is following the Gerson diet too. He says that the fresh carrot juice gives him a real energy boost and that he is feeling better then he has done in over a year – ie prior to diagnosis. I think it makes sense that diet is crucial in boosting the bodies natural immune system. My Dad has read the book by Michael Gearing Tosh, a well respected Oxford don who followed the diet and refused conventional chemo following a diagnosis with myeloma. He lived for 11 years after diagnosis.

    The diet is strict, and juicing all those carrots can be labour intensive, my Dad is working on boosting his natural immune system and is planning further treatment in addition to the diet.



    I’d like to offer more support on Stacie’s suggestion of the geron diet.
    It is quite strict but he did his first work in the 1940’s and does have some solid documented success.



    You might get online or check your local library for information on the Gerson Lifestyle or Diet. If you contact their foundation directly they will send you a bunch of information and give you names of people who had stage 4 pancreatic or peritoneal cancer and were healed using this diet. They did not have anyone with Cholangio at the time I contacted them.

    I remember you said you were already eating kind of a vegan diet, so this should not be a difficult step for your husband. It is very strict and I think that scares people away, but there is some solid research out there that supports it. They say on the DVD (that was given to me) that they have seen miraculous results in as little as two weeks time on this diet. If you decide to do something natural please keep us informed – this is a hard decision, but if he is feeling well I think you have a better shot than otherwise.



    Well we are back from Mayo and the doctor there said that he didn’t feel Thersphere radiation to the site was worthwhile. He is main ly recommending systemic chemo but said we might try a shot at chemoembolization directly to the liver tumor. Has anyone has that done? Joe is still feeling so well we aren’t sure whether to go ahead with chemo and ruin his quality time. It is a tough decision. For those of you who were not able to e resected. is ther anyone who didn’t have chemo or used diet to fight this cancer? Mary Anne


    Well we are off to Mayo’s tomorrow. Joe my husband, 66, was diagnosed two months ago with cc with a large tumor in his liver that is not resectable and one lesion in each lung. We have been at Northwestern and they recomended radio oblation for his lungs and Thersphere for his liver tumor. We were told these are not orthodox treatments but would treat what they see. We want to know how Mayo feels about these treatments. We have been praying and following a mostly raw vegan diet. We’ll see what happens. Glad there are some of you out there going through the same thing.

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