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    Hi Mary,

    Thanks loads as always for all of your extra thoughts and links, very helpful and useful to all! I think it might have been Stacie that flagged this article up, or maybe it was Melinda, not sure now! But yes, great info as you say.

    We also have a page here on the site that contains links to other organisations that can help with financial things involved with and about CC. I think that there was an organisation that helped with travel costs as well for patients and families travelling for treatment and stuff but can’t remember exactly what the name was. The link below though has a lot of other links in it that should be of help to people.


    Thanks loads for your post Mary and helping me to jog my memory as well on this issue!


    PS – I think in the UK as well newly diagnosed patients can be fast tracked through the application for benefits after diagnosis and that is something that the social care team in the hospital can do for you. At least they did when my dad was diagnosed and because he was applying in the hospital through the social care team the benefits agency did not question anything at all and was helped straight away. I guess that many countries will have different schemes etc.



    Thank you for this extremely helpful post with many ideas for dealing with the financial cost of cancer treatment.

    I wanted to add a couple more.  First, if you are in the United States, cholangiocarcinoma is a diagnosis that qualifies patients for Social Security Disability benefits on an expedited approval basis.   This program is referred to as compassionate allowance, and here is a link:


    Also, local organizations can help with rides to and from treatment in your area.  You will have to do a little internet digging to find which organizations help in this way.  In some communities, organizations affiliated with Meals on Wheels seem to offer this support, and I believe the American Cancer Society can help with rides in some communities.

    Here is the link to the American Cancer Society information:


    If any board members have other ideas on how to defray the high costs of cancer treatment, please add them to this thread.

    Regards, Mary

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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