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Oh the pain….

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    Dear Karen,
    All of us know the pain you’re experiencing, and we’re here to help, if we possibly can. The possibility of losing someone you love more than anything is a terrible thing – but don’t give up hope too quickly! Sometimes people tolerate chemo pretty well – I know that chemo for breast cancer and lung cancer seem to be much more debilitating than the chemos used for cc (generally, and in my experience of seeing loved ones suffer through different chemos). As Carol said, look around the site and I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration and information to help you. Post a question and someone is bound to have an answer, or will at least attempt to answer.

    Lastly, if you just need to vent, go right ahead. You need some support in this time or you’ll go crazy.

    Much luck and love to you,


    Karen, I’m so sorry for your and your husband’s pain. Sometimes it’s hard to sort through all the information, but this site is the best one I’ve found. There are a lot of caring and smart people here who can help. My husband also has CC. Vent all you want, we all have at one time or another. Research this site and ask for help if you need it. Stay strong, don’t give up. Could you possibly get 2nd or 3rd opinions on any other options? Depending on where you live, someone on this site possibly could refer you to someone knowledgable in your area. Take care of yourself.



    I would rather be the diagnosed person with CC instead of my husband. The pain at the thought of loosing him is so consuming, so burning. To date the only “hope” we have been given is chemo to “sustain” his life. This is not an option as we have seen other relatives go through chemo horrors (and did it really prolong their life? …and at what quality?). I had come across Dr. Canady’s name on this website and had hopes that maybe he would be able to help us, but the controversy is so very confusing. This nightmare started out with a pain in the abdomen, an endoscopy, a CAT scan, a MRI and finally a needle biopsy – all within a 45 day period. The information seems so limited. Sorry for the rantings, just needed to vent I guess. Thank you for listening.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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