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    Thanks Mary. We all need a lift every now and then. Wishing your family continued good times.



    Thank you so much for your story Mary. My husband has his first follow-up CT scan tomorrow after 4 cycles of chemo in 2 months. He is feeling and looking much better so we are hopeful. It was so good to read your positive story. Love heals. Best to you and Tom. PDerat


    Thank you, Mary, for the uplifting story! – Joyce


    Mary – thanks for sharing this. It truly is helpful. My uncle was diagnosed with CC in April and has had surgery which was just about successful. However, it has been 4 weeks and he is so very thin and gaunt in appearence. He was released 3 weeks after his surgery but after a week at home feeling very sick and unable to keep any food down, and also having temperature/shakes/shivering/ pains in his back and chest he was readmitted. They’ve discovered fluid on top of his liver which was pushing his lung up and leaving him with the above syptoms. They’re also doing tests to see if theres anything else wrong with him.
    Your story has instilled hope within me, that my uncle too will in a year after his diagnosis be able to enjoy his sons first birthday; that he will get past this traumatic time that we’re all going through and build up enough stregnth to get a little bit of normality back into his life to be able to enjoy those prescious moments which we all take for granted. Take care and god bless xx


    Thank God someone has a good story. I’m so glad for you all.



    One year ago today my daughter and I walked into my husband’s hospital room where he had been admitted 3 days before and were greeted by him in tears telling us that they had just told him he had a rare terminal cancer and there was nothing they could do for him. We just held each other and sobbed and then tried our best to pull it together to be able to talk to the Drs and nurses and of course the financial( social service people) as we knew we were in trouble financially handling what was obviously going to be a devastating illness.It was a true day from hell followed by several more until we finally were visited by a surgeon my daughter in law had badgered to take a look at Tom’s case. He breezed in and said there are lots of things we can do. He told about the possible surgery, how he had a patient who was doing well 4 years after receiving special radiation, on and on. He also moved us off the crazy emergency room overflow floor into the James Cancer Hospital with private homey suites, great nurses etc. To make a long story short the resection surgery a week later was not successful but the follow-up radiation and chemo have been. Today Tom is canoeing with his oldest son and 2 grandkids and feels great!I never would have imagined this a year ago or even 6 months ago when he was so thin and sickly. But there is always hope and everyone just has to do all they can to keep their strength physically and mentally and fight this monster! Best wishes to all and thanks to everyone contributing here. It has been a great source of knowledge and friendship. Take care. Mary

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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