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    Mom passed away on April 28, 2017…….. 5-6 Months after stopping chemo.

    Only the first 2 of those months were pleasant.


    What a precious time for all, dear Megan, and a wonderful time to say thanks for a good decision made.


    Dear Megan, YEA!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be for your family. Great news and wishing for it to continue all in an upward motion! It truly is a good Thanksgiving!


    I just wanted to update that we are 6 weeks from last treatment.
    Mom is doing better each day.

    Her LFTs and CA-19 are all within normal range.
    Her HEP C is still undetectable!! (she took Harvoni for 3 weeks prior to chemo)
    She has been spending time with my kids, visiting friends, picking up and holding my 17mo old, enjoying food and was even able to take care of me when I became ill over the weekend.

    I have her back!
    Its been wonderful to see her smile and enjoy her days.
    its still a question as to what will happen down the road but what she doesnt question is that she made the right choice to stop chemo.


    helpformom……I applaud your Mom for making the decision of choosing quality of life over treatment and you for honoring her decision. What an incredible team you are!!!!
    I say, venture out and enjoy things you haven’t had a chance to do. Her energy levels will set the pace. If she is feeling well enough to travel? If so, then why don’t you follow your heart’s desire. Once my husband’s energy levels dropped we would do things closer to home and eventually most of our time was spent in our home, visiting with family and friends.
    I often think of the wonderful time we had and how life can be beautiful in even the most dire of circumstances.



    Mom has done 4 rounds of Gem/Oxaliplatin and doesnt want to do anymore.
    Her LFTs double after each infusion as do the longevity and severity of the side effects.

    We are thankful that after 4 rounds there is no growth. Although we did not MRI the spine and skull where she has mets.

    Mom understands the chemo is only to grant her time- to slow the spread. That she will be on chemo until its no longer an option.
    But looking back on the last 8 weeks of “granted time” she realized that wasnt living…it was merely existing. She cant even remember what she felt like before this whirlwind started in June.
    Aside from the chemo and overworked liver she is otherwise symptom free from the ICC itself.
    (as far as we know)
    I do know watching her suffer through 13 days of painful recouping after chemo only to get another infusion on day 14 broke my heart 4 times over.

    She has decided to decline any more chemo at this time in an effort to not just exist in her days…but live them. We dont know what the future holds but for now we are going to live a chemo- free life.

    I fully support her decision even though I know what it means. I cannot imagine having to weigh such options.
    It has given me joy to start thinking of things for us to do and places for us to go.
    Joy hasnt been something I’ve had in what seems like forever.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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