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    Happy Birthday, Dearest Kris. Hans, thanks for remembering us with the candles and I can say for certain that yes, our new members do see Kris’s posts and us old timers always refer to her as our Sweet Kris. We love you too, Hans and it is so good to see you posting today!


    Today would have been Kris’ 38th birthday. Where else to celebrate it than on this site?!

    Although the aniversary of her death (Jan 4th, almost two years now) is also special, her birthday is more important to me – she was always much more focused on life than on death, and as time goes by, all the fear, pain and suffering fades in my memory, and her spritelieness and giggly laughter stand out more and more. I seldom think of her without a smile!

    I thought that rather than write a new post I’d bump this one, since it has the link with the picture. Yes, I remember the twinkle just like it is in the picture…

    She always lit two candles in her “prayer chimney”, one for herself and one for someone else – usually someone on this page. Tonight there are two candles burning there again, and again one of them is for you folks – all of you. I wonder how many of her cancer buddies are still around, and if newcomers to the site sometimes wonder about her stranger entries…?

    Bless you


    I hope my Tom has or will run into Kris. I always told him about her. How much we all loved her. We miss her laughter too! It came through all of her posts. Take care and keep in touch. I understand what you are feeling. Life will never be the same but all of us must keep going one day at a time.
    Love, Mary


    Dear Hans,
    I did not know Kris for she had passed before my daughter was diagnosed with CC. I know she and Lauren would have gotten along famously. I have gone back through a lot of Kris’s posts and she always seemed to find humor even in her darkest moments. What an honor it must have been to have her as your wife. I am sorry for your loss, but I’m sure you are full of lovely memories of such a beautiful person. She was also lucky to have such a supportive, loving husband. Take care and God bless you.



    Hans……Our sweet, sweet, Kris, how she is missed on this site. For me the color purple always represents our Kris especially since she had contemplated coloring her hair “purple.”



    Kris really brought so much humor to this board and I really miss that, I mean, there are other funny people on here but she really was the leader of the band and we were privileged to be privy to her very unique brand of humor, the kind that has you bursting out laughing at your computer and people are asking you what is so funny? She was a comedienne extraordinaire.



    I miss her


    I think of you all so often, Hans. Thank you so much for keeping in touch with us. I miss Kris & it was beautiful to see her picture pop up again.

    Julia xx



    What a lovely way to remember Kris’s birthday. She is greatly missed by so many and her wit and wisdom is missed on these boards. Cherish those memories Hans. She will always be with you in your heart and memories. I think of you often and hope you are getting on OK, or atleast as best you can.

    Love & Hugs from Wisconsin,


    I feel your pain as Dec. 6th will be one year already for Teddy. Happy Birthday, Kris.


    Today (Nov 17) would have been Kris’ (devoncats) 37th birthday, and it’s the first since her passing away. I took the day off and took some chocolate cakes up to the hospital wards she thought of as “hers”. I remember decorating our bed room with little stars and stripes a year ago, and giving her a purple scarf who’s only real use was to be folded on the table under her urn at the funeral service… I miss her laughter – it made all the difference.


    Thanks Gavin,
    I will always think of Kris whenever I see a butterfly. We miss you Kris but will remember you forever. Mary


    Kris, we will remember you always, thank you for sharing your journey with us and for giving me the support and insight I needed.

    Fly….beautiful butterfly.



    Thank you for posting this Gavin. Kris was very beautiful and I agree with Cherboug, you can see the twinkle in her eyes! She is already missed …



    Thanks for posting this Gavin, what a beautiful picture of Kris.

    Will be thinking of her, Hans and all her family on Saturday.


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