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    Hey everyone. You may have noticed that our message board looks a bit different. We’ve gone from the 2006 version of our message board software to the 2011 version. (the November 2011 version.)

    I spent 10 grueling hours staring at/changing code (and swearing) to make it fit in our little website, there may be a few little glitches here and there. (If there are, let me know here or email me at rick@cholangiocarcinoma.org)

    If you’re having trouble posting, you may need to refresh a few times to get the old one out of your computer, or you may even need to clear your cache in your browser. (Options/Clear History)

    This new version has a lot of new functionality that we’ll start implementing in the next few weeks. (polls, group messages, etc.) Some are already up and working (you can now like/recommend posts on Facebook).

    Thanks for your continued patience and support of the CCF. :)

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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