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    My husband and I visited the Mayo Clinic last week. Aime has Stage IV cholangiocarcinoma. He also has ulcerative cholitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis. He is 39 years old. He had radiation in the fall and seems to have responded well. We went to Mayo on the advice of his oncologist to get a second opinion on chemo. His doctors here are hesitant to administer chemo because of his elevated bilirubin levels (15). We met with Dr. Rubin at Mayo. Dr. Rubin recommended insertion of a stent in his bile duct as a means of lowering bilirubin. The gastro doctors were unable to complete this procedure as the scarring caused by the PSC is too intense. Because the stent could not be inserted Dr. Rubin said chemo is not likely an option. None of the doctors mentioned or recommended a biliary bypass. I am trying to gather information about this procedure. I am wondering if this can be an option for us since the stent did not work.
    Our trip to Mayo went smoothly. The doctors and staff were all very professional and knowledgeable. We were, of course, devastated that they could offer little new in terms of treatment options. Does anyone know of any facility that does biliary bypass or know anything about this procedure. I want to know who represents an eligible candidate for this procedure. Please help. I look forward to sharing information.
    Thank you.

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