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    Sorry to hear the ox-40 wasnt as successful as we all had hoped. It must have been disappointing to say the least. The emotional ups and downs with this cancer is terrible. Big hugs



    I finished the trial, and as I suspected, they don’t really know if it did anything. The “something” in my liver is unchanged, and my blood tests are all in the normal range. I chatted a little with Dr. Weinberg about the study results to date, and got the impression that maybe the drug is not producing ongoing immunity. And most people develop antibodies to the OX-40 because it was grown in mice, so they can’t get further treatments.

    The oncologist said to come back in 3 months for more blood tests and CT scan. I guess that means the OX-40 bought me some time, because in April he said the average person lives 6 months without treatment.

    Sara C


    I am a week away from the end of an OX-40 Phase I drug trial.

    When I found out I had bile duct cancer (stage IV, unresectable) I just happened to be at a hospital whose research lab developed an OX-40 treatment, and was conducting a trial I qualified for. The trial is open to people with all sorts for tumors. It is the only treatment offering the possibility of long term immunity that I am aware of, in the US, for cholangiocarcinoma. It is my understanding that the other immune system drugs being tried in the US are more like drug therapy than inoculation. In the OX-40 trial you get 3 infusions in the first week, then tests & observation for the next 2 months. I had no prior treatment for cancer.

    The tests they did after 1 month did not tell us much. Happily, all of my blood test results started out in the normal range, and have stayed there. The only thing they can get an image of is something in my liver that may be a cyst. That showed no change. If it is a cyst and not a malignancy, I may not know if the treatment had any effect at the end of the trial. I’ll post again when I get the results.

    The two big questions are, of course: Did this treatment reduce the amount of cancer in my body? and Will my immune system continue to destroy this nasty critter whenever it is encountered?

    Here are some websites that have more info on OX-40 and the drug trial. The location is Providence Cancer Center in Portland Oregon.

    News Release on drug trial:

    Info on the development of the therapy:
    This page has links to Dr. Weinberg’s publications.

    contact for drug trials: Katie Strauss, RN 503-215-2619

    Medline has a ton of articles on OX-40 as a component of the immune system.
    Wikipedia has a good article.

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