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    Glad to hear they figured something out Suzanne!! That’s quite a day!



    Suzanne…….I am thrilled to hear that the approach is so successful. This might be something others may want to pass on to their physicians when encountering allergic reactions. Thanks for sharing. Stay well and keep beating this cancer.
    Best wishes coming your way,


    It is amazing what doctors come up with. I am so glad it is working for you! And you had to go mention Cracker Barrel. I want me some biscuits and apple butter from there. Yum. I will have dreams tonight!



    Wow! Talk about a cocktail! But the lunch sounds great. You go girl!


    Hi everyone – just thought I would pass on the details of the desensitization procedure I started and has so far been successful. I’ve been on FOLFOX6 since September 2009, then in Jan 2010 had an allergic reaction. Had the first desensitization on Feb 4 which went fine, no reaction. Had my second one yesterday, again no reaction. So this is how I’ll be receiving this chemo from now on. It takes about 8 hours from start to finish, so in case you have to go through this be prepared for a really long day. I have my bloodwork done the day before to save some time.

    Instead of receiving the full dose of oxaliplatin in 1 bag, it is split into 5 smaller doses that are given over a 6 hour period. Before I am given the oxaliplatin, I am given premeds of singulair (pill), pepcid (iv), benedryl (iv), zofran/decodron (iv), and ativan (iv).

    Bag 1 of oxaliplatin is given at .01 mg of full dose over 1 hour
    Bag 2 is given at 0.1 mg of full dose over 1 hour
    Bag 3 is given at 1 mg of full dose over 1 hour
    Bag 4 is given at 10 mg of full dose over 1 hour
    *I am given another dose of benedryl before bag 5 is given
    Bag 5 of oxaliplatin is given at 90 mg over 2 hours
    After the last bag is given, the 5FU pump is attached as normal
    I no longer get the Leucovorin or the 5FU bolus (due to low platelets)

    I sleep until lunch (which my fantastic husband brings me (love Cracker Barrel), then sleep for a while longer, then I’m just kind of groggy the rest of the day. The benedryl/ativan combo wipes me out.

    Hope this is helpful.

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