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    Hello Rose, I’m sorry to hear about your pain & life is harder in every way when you can’t sleep to replenish yourself. My Dad has been complaining of the pain in his ab region since before his cc diagnosis… it is in part what sent him to the docs in Nov. It has not gone away in his case, and some days are worse than others. While he fought taking pain pills for awhile, he now finds they give him significant relief (hydrocodone-apap 10-323 … 2 every 4 hours as need be). Heartburn & gas are also key issues for Dad. He has a biliary catheter in place, to divert the bile, instead of the standard stent. His bilirubin levels fluctuate between ~2 & ~18; it’s back up this week, with no explanation- as the doctors claim the cath is doing it’s job. We’ve talked about it many times, and it’s still not really clear if the pain might be coming from the cath, the tumor, the gas, or perhaps the newly diagnosed hernia. Docs simply aren’t sure. He has had the cath changed out a couple times, because he needed a larger one & will eventually receive his radiation via this cath (brachytherpy). Dad takes the Milk of Magnesia for the constipation & Mylanta or Malox for gas/ indigestion – which docs claim to be par for the course.

    You know you can always come here to complain, vent, question, or whatever the day calls for!



    Rose May – If your Bili’s haven’t dropped to close to normal (~1) than I would imagine that things are still not draining correctly. I’m not sure how the pain works in (maybe the stent is dislodged or something), but I definitely wouldn’t be satisfied with the doctor’s work until things start draining.


    I have had that burning pain as well, mostly at night. It feels like heartburn in my entire stomach area.

    Nights are the worst. Between the itching, the inability to get totally comfortable in any position, the nighttime obsessing about the whole thing…..I have set up tapes to listen to, books to read, prayer tools to pray with in the night….but when it comes down to it I’m feeling too rough to do any of that. Losing myself ont he computer seems to actually help the most, as long as I’m not reading up on the poor prognosis of this type of cancer anyway.

    Nice to have a place to complain where people REALLY get it…….


    I felt a pain. I was a burning, fire like pain that was also aggravated by walking and moving. In my case, they determined that I was allergic to the plastic. You might want to check that out.


    I have been having a nagging pain in my side near the bottom of the rib cage accompanied by mid-back pain. I had a stent placed 6 days ago. Last night the pain was so bad and persistent I ended up going to the emergency room becuase the on call GI thought that the stent might not be draining properly.

    I had bloodwork done to see if the levels indicating various liver functions are going down or not. Bilirubin has only gone down .1 since early Thursday morning—from 9 to 8.9. (It’s Sunday morning as I write this). They sent the results to Madison hospital and I am waiting for a call sometime today with comparison results.

    It has gotten so that I cannot find a comfortable position to sit or lay in. Walking aggravates it, it is impossible to sleep on my side and I can’t sleep at night becuase I can’t get comfortable no matter how I arrange my pile of pillows.

    Has anyone else had experience with pain in that area after a stent placement or a plugged-up or failed stent?

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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