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    I had similar symptoms from Xeloda and was determined after only 3 weeks of xeloda I had stomach erosion, slight bleeding in the stomach.
    The gastro doc treated with two meds and I am now fine, he later recommended Align ProBiotics which has given much improvement in my digestive discomfort.

    my best to you, Ray


    Are there any newer updates on what causes the stomach pain and bloating? My Dad is going through that same symptom, and it started about a week after he did his 10 day radiation treatment. We initially thought that might have been part of the cause, but wondered if anyone else found that to be the case. What actually causes this bloating? thanks.


    Hi Tony. I hope you’re feeling better. What chemo are you on? Could that be related to your discomfort? My mom is having pretty severe gas pains with 3000 mg Xeloda. Only started during her 3rd cycle. Don’t know if it’s the drugs or, God forbid, the cancer. Best of luck. Kathleen


    Hey Tony,

    My mom has the same problem with the bloating and gas. I made a post on the nutrition tab if there was something different she could eat that would prevent or reduce the pain and pressure. Jill recommended a pancrease enzyme that would help with digestion. They put my mom on Pancrease mt 20. We’re still seeing if it’s going to work. She’s only been on it for about 3 days now. The pain is gone, but the bloating is still there. We’re hoping that after the drug gets into her system it will reduce some of the pressure as well. God bless and the best of luck to you…….




    Tony…..There had been some discussions on this board in regards to hernias causing bloat. Someone had suggested that wearing a surgical belt was eliminating the problem. Of course, you would want to discuss this with the physician in order to rule out any other possible reason for your discomfort especially, since you are experiencing difficulties with swallowing food. In the mean time you might want to use the search function by entering “bloating abdomen.” Hoping for you to feel much better real soon.


    I’ve recently started to swell in my abdomin area and it is also very difficult to swallow food…I feel really bloated like if it were gas pains but no gas comes out…I do think that maybe I have a hernia which is causing the difficulty swallowing…has anyone else had similar stomach issues? Let me know thanks. Tony

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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