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    Ichase….yes, paracentesis can be done with sedation. A skilled physician should be able to do this. Please, insist on it.
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    So sorry to here about your daughter has this horrible disease. My husband had 4 or 5 procedures done the first time they drained 11 liters of fluid, and the second time 16 liters of fluid. He lost 24 lbs. the first time and 40 lbs. the second time. They then put a stent in that we could use at home, even though we were never able to use it. I was allowed to be in the room with my husband during the procedure, we could talk and I could hold his hand. It was the least I could do to support him. During the procedure you can’t see anything, but I have those memories that I will never forget. If you go in with her and talk about other things she might feel more at ease. Good luck!!!


    Our 25 year old daughter was diagnosed in April of 2011 with cc. It has been a tough battle, she has gone through 3 rounds of chemo (cisplatin/gemzar), the 1st pet scan showed some shrinkage of the tumors in July but she has not able to get another round of the chemo since blood platlets to low, the latest pet scan showed that the cancer has increased in her liver, her pain, nausea is at a high. We finally got her on a dilaudid pain pump and are giving her ativan and zofran through her port at home. She is also in need of another parasentsis, but due to an awful experience on her two prior procedures is refusing, we asked if she could be sedated for the procedure but the onocoligist didn’t think so. Has anyone had any experience with the parasentsis and sediation?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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