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Partial Interview with Oncologist at a major Cancer Center

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    Thank you Evan and Patricia,

    The radiation my husband had received twenty years prior to the development of CC, had caused scarring and deformation in his abdomen, thus making it highly unlikely for him to respond positively to any chemo compound. It was a unique situation.

    My love to all of you,


    Thanks Marion,

    Very interesting conversation.


    Sorry-I guess I should have looked up your history prior to responding. It is so kind of you to continue sharing with this group and I hope you are you and your family are continuing to be held up by the loving memories of your husband. Patrice


    Marions- Thank you for sharing this interview with us. Kind of disheartening but a viewpoint that gives cause for thinking through ones decisions carefully. Dave is not one to jump at new ideas whereas I am more desperate to find hope and an answer. I have to look into your past posts to see where you are now in your treatment plan. Wishing you the best.


    This is a portion of an interview with an Oncologist at a major Medical Center. Bilary tract cancer is one of his specialities.

    Note: My husband had been treated twenty years prior for testicular cancer. Some portions of the interview may or may not pertain to you however, I felt to pass on as much information as possible with the hope, it being beneficial to someone.

    Also, this interview is from August of 2006. The questions were asked by my husband or by myself.

    Doctor: Our story with cancer cure is larger

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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