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Passing on advice and warning from my psychologist

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    I am so glad that you shared this. It brings me joy somehow that you have embraced this mind set. It helps me to as well.


    Hans told me that he noticed how much I liked working on the summer house…and he encouraged me to focus on it more. So I will blame him when he comes home and I have to explain that I bought 34 more flower bulbs.


    Kris, I think you are awesome! There are a ton of people who are perfectly healthy and are guilty of sitting around waiting. Look what you accomplish! Let’s reverse that and say that perhaps you don’t want that red coat bad enough. I hope I am just like you when I grow up!!!


    Hi Kris,
    I understand what your psychologist is saying – but please don’t be too hard on yourself!!! I disagree that you are wasting time sitting around.. how about that wonderful vacation you just took! I think you are a huge inspiration to many on this board because of your fighting spirit. Of course if this means the red coat or ANOTHER vacation by all means – go for it!


    Hans and I had a joint session with our psychologist Monday. In Sweden, they tag you up with one when you are first diagnosed and then you get to decide if you want to use this program. We have found it wonderful and helpful and would suggest to anyone in our situations to go see one.

    Anyway, she and Hans really took me to task for me letting my life and world get too small. I hadnt noticed it was happening. I still go to school and I thought I still did most of the things I used to. But listening to Hans talk, I realised I dont. It was a real eye opener. She asked me if I was waiting to die. I didnt think I was, but apparently I had been. She asked me if I wanted to waste my time. And she said go out and get that red winter coat, so what if I am not here next year that it will make me happy now and now is what I have.

    I just thought I would pass that on. Perhaps other people are letting their worlds and lives get too small without realising it. She is right, we should not sit around wasting our time waiting to die.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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