Patty is in the Hospital

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    I hope the surgery went well for Patty. You are both in my thoughts.



    I hope the surgery is successful and eases Patty’s symptons. Count on one more prayer for your wife and your family.



    Hya Ted, Patty and everyone I am so sorry to hear about Patty. I have been following your brave stance on CC. I do hope that there will be an improvement and some movement in the flow. I hope all goes well. love and light alans mom


    Hello Ted,

    Sorry to hear about Patty. I really hope that all goes well for you both.

    Cook Family



    Sending you and Patty all my Thoughts, Prayers, and Strength to pull through this latest battle with CC. I will be thinking of you, and waiting to hear that all went well Monday.

    God Bless and Much Strength,
    Lisa Ann


    Dear Ted,

    all my best thoughts, wishes and prayers go out to you and Patty. We are all in this together, good or bad!



    All my best wishes go out to you and Patty. I hope the surgery alleviates her symptoms – much luck!


    Dear fellow CC fighters,
    Your posts bring us so much strength and comfort. I wish that I could tell you that all is well with Patty. The news is not good though. After an EGD ( a scope in her stomach) this morning, it was discovered what is causing the blockage. The tumor in her bile duct is growing and is pressing against her stomach and has completely blocked the opening to her intestines and nothing is flowing. She has a gastric tube in place to keep her stomach empty. She is scheduled for surgery Monday at 1 pm to bypass the tumor and create an opening so food can move from her stomach to her intestines.
    She has a pic line in place and they are feeding her TPN nutrients. She has to stay in bed due to all the lines she has running everywhere. If all goes well, the doc said she would probably have a week recuperation from the surgery. He said that the surgery would probably take about an hour with a three inch incesion. Dear loved ones, I can’t imagine going through this ordeal without the Lord at our side. Patty still has her bright smile. She knows where her eternity is. May we all be there together. What a day that will be.!!
    Love and God Bless,
    Ted and Patty

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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