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    Hi Jeff,

    Cindy has been following your postings in the Introduction section of this discussion page. She was diagnosed 3 years ago and has been following a macrobiotic diet, visualization, and chemo treatments. I believe her username on this site is clrindone.

    Just doing a quick look into the NERD/GERD info you posted, it sounds like what the ear/nose/throat doctor was looking into because he mentioned the acid reflux. I’ll follow up with her on this, but I don’t believe the meds he gave her helped at all.

    Will also look into your other suggestions. She is on anxiety meds and was questioning the new generic they put her on …

    Thanks for getting back to me on this. This cough has been going on way too long in my opinion – and it is so tiring on her …

    Good luck with the radiation tomorrow. You, and everyone on this board, are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!




    I wasn’t able to find Cindy’s history on this site but suggest trying to raise the head of her bed 3-4 inches for possibility of relief due to NERD. Nerd can go undetected up to 3 months before becoming GERD. Go to pub med for explanation.

    Also, Look up overreactiive immune system — can be caused by chemo which can cause persistent cough.

    Also anxiety, stress, could be causing due to nerve reaction . Has she been prescribed anything for anxiety. like clonzapam maybe. It could be anxiety attacks. Nerves could be throwing her equallibrium out of balance which could cause cough, nausea, and followed by vomiting.

    Sorry, She is having so much difficulty. I start radiation treatments of my liver tomorrow so I imagine I’ll be doing some coughing in a few days. I got my fingers crossed that it won’t be that harsh though, we’ll see.

    Hope you find something to help cindy’s cough.

    God Bless




    Thank you for the quick response. If you do find out any more info, please let me know. My sister is in Florida for the next week but I’ll pass any info on to her when she gets back so she can push her doctor some more on this!



    Barbara – My friend Kelly experienced very similar symptoms and it turned out being the port. I seem to recall there being a leak (maybe something had disconnected) which made her very ill and vomitting all the time. She was also coughing, but I can’t remember the exact details. There was something else going on when she raised her arms, and/or tilted her head back, but I cannot recall exactly what it was. I’ll go read her blog to see if I can find it. (the Lester blog on here) I would follow up on this, as it took her doctors a week to figure it out. For whatever reason, the doctors didn’t seem very focused in on the port as a possible source.

    I am sorry I cannot provide more definitive information. The happened to her not too long after having the port installed, and so much has transpired since then. If I find an entry in her blog referencing this, I will post the information on here.


    My sister, who has posted to this site as “CLR” or “Cindy”, has had a persistent cough for several months now. It is more than just an annoying cough and often gets her vomiting, especially at night.

    She has mets to the lungs but the last CAT scan showed no change there – so that shouldn’t be it. Her chemo nurse was questioning her port but the doctor doesn’t seem to think it would be that. Her doctor has had her try all kinds of medications to help from allergy meds to acid reflux meds (both her oncologist and a Ear/Nose/Throat doctor)

    Anyone have any experiences similar to this? Could it be her port? One thing that triggers it is tilting her head back … but lots of things seem to trigger it. It is very tiring for her to say the least.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Barbara

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