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    Amen to that Darla.

    Hugs to all,




    Thanks for reviving this. Kris was a very special person and she touched so many of us with her strength and courage. She will always be remember.



    Marion revived this topic, but thought it was fitting to bump it again to the top. Under rememberance section today, people are recognizing that today would have been Kris’s 41st birthday. Kris (devoncat) started this discussion, and it is a tribute/example of the special people the world has lost to this horrible disease. For those who haven’t explored in depth, you can click on a member name and pull up all their previous posts. I did this a while back for devoncat, and although she had already passed, I was touched by her life and spirit. I know I am not the only one who she has continued to touch.

    If possible Marion, can we “sticky” this topic?



    I hate how it made my dad feel like a failure and was putting his family through this.

    I hate how horrible it made my dad feel.

    I hate how my dad didn’t get to see how his only grandchild (girl) will grow up.

    I hate how it questions me….”can I have a glass of wine tonight or will I get cancer”.

    I hate how it makes me want to have a glass of wine a night. :)


    Marion, what a stellar idea!!! I love this idea and I loved the Memories of so many wonderful people even though I hate what they went through.


    Thought to revive this important thread again. Good place to let it all hang out.


    I hate that I have been losing my husband little by little, more and more and there is no light at the end of the tunnel = only an oncoming train. I hate that my children and grandchildren will suffer the loss with me and while we are thankful for what we have had in my husband, we are sad at what we are losing. I hate that we did nothing to bring this on.

    He hates leaving before we grow old together. He hates being weak, sick, in pain. He hates that he is losing bits of himself every single day.

    We’ll be more positive tomorrow.


    I hate that there is no standard procedure for treatment because everyone is individual….so I read and wonder why we aren’t doing or trying others treatment plans. Everyone seems to be an experiment in progress!

    I hate that you tell people your Mom has cc and you get a real “DUH” look.

    I was totally spazzed when we went to the hospital and they came out with names of medication for Mom that I had no clue about….we were given generic from the pharmacy because that is all our insurance will allow.

    I hate that people who were friends of Mom don’t come over because jaundice might be contagious. She says everyone is afraid to shake her hand and would never give her a hug!

    I hate all of the other things mentioned on previous posts plus the loss of bladder control. It is a bummer.


    I’m adding a few more things that I hate about cc from my original post.

    I hate that CC has turned my once robust husband Tom into the original thin man.

    I hate that I can see every one of his bones in his body, from his ribs, to his spine to his very thin thigh bones. I hate it that his butt has gone away cause he is so thin that he has no fat on his butt and the skin just hangs there.

    I hate that he can no longer eat the food he once loved and and most of all I hate knowing that sometime in the near future he will not be here with me.

    I hate knowing that he knows that he will not be here and that he is planning my life without him, by buying household items for the house. I hate it that he keeps saying “I want your house to be awesome for when I’m not here”

    I hate the fact that his doctors cannot help him more.

    There! That felt good.



    My mother just started Chemo last week – so other than hatting CC, we don’t have anything to add yet. But I’m glad I read this thread, adn thank you all for sharing your feelings, the hard and unpleasant ones. I’m going to remember everything you wrote while I’m on this journey with her. It will help me to remember we are not alone, things could be worse, and it will help me to stay soft in heart but also strong for her.



    Hello Sharon!! Good to hear from you!! It does feel good to let it all out, doesn’t it – please keep coming back & tell us how you are.

    Julia x



    Things my mom hated…
    Not being able to go to the bathroom on her own anymore
    Trouble swallowing
    That her memory was so affected and she felt she was sometimes chasing her mind (her words that will never leave me)
    That she had cancer

    Things I hate…
    Not being able to pick up the phone to call her anymore
    That anyone should go through this

    Saving graces…

    Family and friends
    This board and all of you

    This felt good…


    My pet peeve about this cancer is having to worry that each new bump or pain, or ache or headache or ANYTHING may be a (negative) sign about the cancer itself, rather than an “ordinary” ache or pain or whatever. Drives me Crazy!
    Also driving me, personally, crazy is that I was diagnosed in Aug 2007 and now, three years later after tons of chemo, etc etc, NOTHING has changed! I’m grateful, but I have to say I’m also frustrated! :) Lately, after the 3 yr mark, I’ve finally settled on being able to plan (a little anyway) the future and not worry endlessly that I’m going to get really bad, really fast. Thank you powers that be!


    I lost about 35 pounds prior to and after surgery, of which I was very happy with since I had started dieting prior to my diagnosis anyway. When I started chemo, I put all of it back on and then 5 more pounds!!!! I am asked (by many doctors), if I lost a lot of weight during chemo. I laugh at them when I say that it ruined my taste buds. Since nothing tasted good and I never seemed satisfied with what I ate, I ate EVERYTHING I saw. Sweet things seemed to be the best though (maybe this should go in the good thread!). My Onc. said a lot of people say sweet things just taste like cardboard. Not with me!



    Steroids are such potent drugs. I put on so much weight and had my very own goatee and neck/back hair. I turned into the Yeti…which was funny since I was completely thinning out on my head, but my beard was coming in nicely.

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