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    Thanks so much for your answer Jason! I really appreciate it!



    I have had luck with phone consults regarding very specific questions such as transplant / no transplant and resection / no resection.

    UCLA (transplant)
    UCSF (transplant)
    Mayo Rochester (transplant)
    Dr. Kato (transplant or resection)
    Dr. Chapman (transplant or resection)

    I generally tried to contact the Dr. directly. I was then told who to send all the records and scans. (You need to be able to make a DVD or CD disk that has your scan images). It usually took a week or so for them to get back to me as to their assessment (sometimes longer if they wanted to review it at the next tumor board meeting).

    Every transplant or resection answer has been “No,” but I think everyone did a legitimate review.

    To get a consult on what general treatment to get right now has required an office visit (UCLA, UCSF, Stanford).

    I also had the same response from MD Anderson as you did…no phone consult…plan on spending 3-5 days in Houston for a full review.



    I believe that someone here mentioned you can do phone consults with
    Drs in other hospitals re: this cancer???


    My husband sent all his records to MD Anderson and they said they
    NEVER do phone consults.

    So I guess we’re out of luck unless anyone has any other info that
    we’re missing somewhere.

    We’ve spoken to scheduling at the general number and then
    scheduling directly with Dr Javle’s office.

    Both said “NO”.

    No phone consults ever. :(

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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