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    Hi Belle,
    Can I ask why she isn’t a candidate for Chemo? My husband John was told the same thing at first then he had mets to the liver and was dying.
    We went to another Dr. who sent us to an oncologist.
    Best thing we could of done. He is very ill from the chemo BUT the tumors are Shrinking!
    We have been fighting this cancer since 2005. Don’t give up, check every treatment out there. See an oncologist and see what he says.

    The stents will continue to clog and become infected. John had to change his every 4-6 until they put in Titanium stents. He’s had one infection in a year and a half.

    God blessings and Healing on us all,



    My husband had Cyberknife treatment in February. A month later he had a followup scan and the results looked promising – tumors shrunk. He has another follow-up scan scheduled for the beginning of June. Following treatments he has become very fatigued and lost a little weight that he is regaining now. My prayers to your sister.



    Cyberknife (pin-point radiation) has been used successfully with several patients. Until others have a chance to respond to you might want to use the “search” function on top of the site. Simply enter the word “cyberknife”. It will allow you to peruse threads of comments from other members on the board.
    Stents have proven to be invaluable however, they have a tendency to clog and also to become infected. Hopefully, your sister will have a reprieve with a longer duration until they become problematic, again.
    Hoping and wishing for the absolute best,


    Hi to all of you. I’ve been reading on and off with my sister being in and out of the hospital. Just to refresh, she has a klatskin’s tumor in her bile ducts with tumors in the gall bladder and liver as well. The drs thought they could resect, but they couldn’t. They put stents in which were fine for about 5 weeks but now are clogged/infected. They cleaned them but said this is going to be the norm for now.

    Here’s the question. Some radiologist/oncologists are suggesting pinpoint radiation for the bile duct tumors. Does anyone have any experience with that? How effective? How brutal are the side effects? She really isn’t a chemo candidate at all. This seems to be the only hopeful option Thanks for reading and listening. Belle

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