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    Kris – lots and lots of good thoughts and prayers heading your direction. Your age and tenacity are greatly in your favor, and I have faith that clarity will appear and you will know how to make the next step.

    I hope you and Hans had some relaxing time by the pool.


    Your’s an inspiration to all with CC. I don’t know what to say except you are in our thoughts.



    Dear Kris,

    You have SO many things going for you!

    You are young and strong, and have been doing everything you can to help yourself be well. You have a whole team of expert doctors sharing their experience, knowledge, and insights. You have a husband and family who love you deeply. And you have us, your second family all around the world, praying for you and sending all our best wishes.

    Surgery is always a risk. I found out after my first surgery that 10% of patients don’t survive the surgery I had– and that operation didn’t even seem so bad to me at the time. (Actually, I felt a lot worse after my burst appendix.) But you should keep in mind that most people with cc are much older and weaker than you, and don’t have as much energy to draw on as you do. It seems to me that you would have about the best chance of anyone around for the best possible outcome from surgery.

    You know we will all be standing with you, whatever decision you make. If you keep your eye on the positive the way you always have, you will surely make the right decision for you.

    Big hugs to you from your biggest fan–



    Hi Kris and sorry I am holding your hand so tight in my thoughts. What’s a little squeeze after what you have been through. Remember, this is what you were waiting to hear. Do not be afraid of the Whipple and when T had his they poked around for 4 hours before they did anything. Aggressive but cautious doctor is the best and it sounds like you found your match. It’s your body and life and what ever you decide this whole world will be behind you. Love to you and to Hans.


    Hi Kris,

    No wonder you and Hans are having a hard time taking all of this in as that is a lot to have to deal with in one go. But, I am glad that surgery is being offered to you and that is some effort and team of surgeons that you have in your corner.

    Taking a deep breath and relaxing right now sounds like a great idea and I know that you will make the right decision for you. Like Pam and Darla, I am keeping you in my close thoughts and wish you every success with this. And I too also like the longs posts!

    Huge hugs and my very best wishes coming your way,




    I am always inspired and touched by your posts. Your candor and sense of humor are lights in a not so fun situation for so many. When I read this post I got tears in my eyes. What a blessing. I know this has to be terrifying but you have a CHANCE this thing could be out of you. You are going to be in my prayers as well as your doctors. Prayer for discernment as they map out their plan and prayer for faith, peace and comfort as you embark on this surgery. Take care and stay strong!


    Oh Kris,

    I am so happy that this option is being offered to you if you chose to go with it. It must be so overwhelming and emotional for both of you. As Pam said, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy each other and then you will be ready to make the right decisions.

    I too will be thinking of both of you, knowing that you will make the decisions that you feel are best for both of you. I am hoping for the best out come.

    I too will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care and keep us updated, long posts are good. :)

    Love & Hugs,



    What a ton of stuff to be hit with all at once! Give yourselves a little time to regroup. Take a deep breath, hug and kiss your beloved and then get ready to fight!

    I see this as a “bucket of hope.” What a great thing that so many surgeons and other medical people are organizing to whip Leroy!

    You are an amazing woman with an amazing man. Together you will make the right decisions.

    You both are always in my thoughts and prayers every single day. Hugs and love coming your way.




    I met with a surgeon in Linkoping University Hospital today. He offered up surgery for me. His words…”Big Risk, Little chance”. My tumor in the liver is in the area where the organ gets its blood supply. If they take out too much, my liver will die and I along with it on the table. He said that they were going to open me up take a look around and see if they thought it was possible. If not, they would put metal tags on my tumors so they would appear on scans so I could get some radiation later. He said if they thought too much liver needed to go, they wouldnt do it, but the decision is more of an art than a science so there is a possibility they can make a mistake. He said that if I was his daughter, he would reccommend for me to do it. We all know my outcome if I dont try surgery.

    The surgery is part Whipple, part liver resection and part just scooping out the innards. Big Leroy causes more problems in that his placement is a pain in the ass. If they cant get Leroy at the same time as the liver tumor, they will sew me up and send me home.

    Not one hospital in Sweden has the doctors qualified and skilled enough to work on me given my tumors size, placement, and blood supply and the 2 major surgeries I have already had. So they are pulling doctors from Stockholm and doctors from Linkoping. They will open me up, root around, then the team of surgeons will have a mini conference on how to procede. The surgon warned me that it could take up to 8 hours of poking around before they even made the decision to cut. I dont know how many teams will be working on me. I forgot to ask, I was in such shock.
    Given the whole collaborative effort this is going to take, the surgeon thought that the planning would take about a month. During that time, he wanted me on Gemzar only.

    Hans and I are having a hard time taking this in. We know surgery is my only hope and the doctor said that there was only a slight chance that when they opened me up that they could do anything, but given my age and health they decided to be a little radical. I am very scared. I know that I have to take the chance on surgery since chemo is not working for me. I am terrified of dying on the table or worse, waking up and knowing my liver is failing and I will die soon.

    Sorry for the long post. Hans and I are heading out to the pool to just relax after 7+ hours in the car today.


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