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    I’m quite a bit further along but thought you might like to know …. after months of cis/gem then surgery and y-90, my platelets have been around 50 to 80 for six months now and are never coming back on their own. So I am having an embolization of the spleen so I can go back on chemo or get into a trial. Apparently that can kick out many platelets, if your spleen is enlarged, which it is in many liver disease patients.


    Thanks Jason, it’s good to know that it can be resolved. We were just a bit worried as it’s happened so early on in treatment but hopefully this is just a minor setback.


    My wife is on Gem/Cis and started have low blood counts after 4-5 cycles. The Dr. proscribed Neupagen shots after each treatment.

    The sequence is like this:
    Day 1 treatment
    Day 2 shot
    Day 3 shot
    Day 4 shot

    Day 8 treatment
    Day 9 shot
    Day 10 shot
    Day 11 shot

    This regime has dealt with the problem.

    Good luck,



    Hey, thanks for the responses. It’s hard to know what to worry about and what is okay at the beginning. We’re so new to all of this! It’s good to hear that this is a regular thing and hopefully mum’s platelets will be back on track for the next round. Hugs, Jules.


    Jules…it happens frequently. Platelets may be up for the upcoming session and/or doctor may prescribe something to help raise the platelet count.
    Hang in there.


    I had 2 rounds of Gem/Cis and had to stop because my platelets were too low also. Now I am on Oxaliplatin & Xeloda. I am on round 2 of this now. We just have to keep on trying & hope that it works!



    just some info. if interested:

    Gemzar alone: 24%(all grades) will have thrombocytopenia(low platelet count) .for grade 3 and 4 (more serious) ,the % is 4%.
    cisplatin alone: 30%;for grade 3 / 4 ,the %= 3%.
    Combined GEM/CIS regimen when compare to cisplatin alone in one study=85%(all grades) to 13%(all grades)
    God bless.


    Hi all, i’m just emailing with a query re platelets being too low for chemo. My mum had her first dose of chemo last week (Gem/Cis) but has just had her bloods taken and she is only having Gem today as her platelets are too low for the Cis. I’m just wondering if this happens often, and what this means?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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